disco elysium
View from a necktie
I'm about 90 minutes in, I haven't even left the first building yet, there are game mechanics I don't really understand yet, and all I've done is read pages and pages of text.

It's utterly utterly brilliant, so refreshing, so well written, constantly surprising. It's a role playing game that actually makes me want to play a role, I'm playing as a psychotic, paranoid, fantasist. I'm choosing dialog options based on the role I'm playing, not based on what I would do or what I think would be the best outcome for the game. I can't remember the last RPG I played that made me want to do that.

If you were ever a fan of Planescape: Torment, you need to play this.
This game has potato based racism! I also conclude that thus far it is veh well wrut. I was stuck on a roof for a long time dying each time I tried to talk to a man in a big chair. Then I found some painkillers in a guard house that allowed me to heal.
Cuno is an arsehole.
This is good. Like, seriously really good. After chewing on Dogshit Straining I really needed this.
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