Any admin types around
Sign up ahoy...

Mrs Hearthly has signed up as she wants to chat about Animal Crossing and hopefully visit some other islands, she's waiting on an activation email but it does not appear to have arrived, so she can't login and is instead informed that her username is inactive.

Can anyone assist please?

Her username is 'Abeille'.


EDIT - Don't worry, she's much nicer than me.
Hmm, account shows as activated fine and good to go. What happens if she tries to log in?
Erm, it works now, you must have pressed a magic button or something.

I saw it saying 'account inactive' earlier with my very own eyes!

Thanks :)
Upon asking she says the email arrived a little earlier on, (she actually signed up last night).
Sorry,.. I activated her account earlier but was half way through putting some shelves up so didn't have time to reply to this thread.
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