Bayonetta 2
There's no Bayonetta 2 thread? There is now.

Oh, and I have it.

And a Wii-U. Well, with Xenoblade X around the corner it'd be rude not to.

Oh, I haven't played it yet.
Right, I've played ten minutes and it's only just really let me play. During that time Bayonetta has got butt nekked, kicked a ton of people's faces off, had some sort of orgasm that's caused her clothes to fall off, said muthfucker a fair few times, and now I'm fighting angels on the back of a plane while a very funky version of "Moon River" plays in the background.

Best game ever.
I'm pressing buttons and stuff is happening.

This. Is. Amazing.
If you want MOAR Bayonetta (and why the fuck wouldn't you?) you'll get exactly what you want with Bayonetta 2. It's a fast, furious, shooty, fighty, pew die pew, naked, visual fuck fest for your eye balls.

I don't know what's going on but the combat is glorious, the graphics are sharp and stunning (in that Platinum stylee) and it's like I'm playing the game DmC should have been (although that was still pretty cool, right? I just like the old Devil May Cry Capcom combat). The dodge button is show sexy. Just one button. That's all you need. Bang. Backflip. Pow. Spins out the way. Time slows: faces get punched. The combat is awesome.

It's the tits. Nintendo, quite frankly I'm amazed you've got this little beauty up your sleeve and no one will ever see it but me. It's like Platinum is giving me a big sloppy kiss. Just me. And forcing its tongue in my mouth and I can't breathe. Give it to me. Too much tongue. And it's grabbing my face and won't let me go and it's utter bliss. It wants me. t's going to make love to me on my sofa with the windows open and it doesn't care who watches.

Bayonetta 2 I am yours.
I watched the trailer for this in the Nintendo Shop on my Wii-U yesterday. Well, I say 'watched', because as always seems to be the case on Nintendo Shop videos, the stream was buffering all the time so I was experiencing it in 6-9 second chunks.

It all looked very whizzy and pretty, but it also costs £34.99 (not a big problem, I have no issue with paying BIG CASH MONIES for great games) and has a PEGI 16 for violence and bad language (this may be a problem), which will potentially preclude me from playing it whilst Hearthly Jnr is around and therefore may go into the GTAV pile (i.e. when would I actually play it?).

How bad is the violence and bad language? The trailer didn't show anything awful but I guess that's 'suitable for all audiences'.

I'm sure I've seen Trousers bumming this game well hard elsewhere on the forums.

Also, I watched another episode of the CAT MARIO SHOW, that's some good shit right there.
There is a demo to try, but obviously not sure how representative it is.
Hearthly wrote:
How bad is the violence and bad language? The trailer didn't show anything awful but I guess that's 'suitable for all audiences'.

I wouldn't say that the violence is the problem since everything happens sounds so quickly in a big pile of screen filling nonsense that I doubt the kiddies would be disturbed by that.

The language might be a problem though, there's a fair few "fucks" and "motherfuckers" during the cut-scenes. In-game is fine but the cut-scenes aren't exactly child friendly. Mind you, I'm sure she says "Fuck off" during a particularly big witch move... Not sure.

Anyway, it's awesome.
I should go back to this. I got quite far in then got an Xbox One and a PS4 so my attention was drawn to them.

It really is a sensory overload and smooth as fuck. The thing is you can play it all button mashy and feel like a pro but getting the higher ranks requires a lot of effort and skill that is rewarding and just bloody good fun.

The annoying teenage companion is almost as bad as the annoying companion in MGS:R though. Platinum need to sort that shit out.
I fucking love the combat in Bayonetta. When you have a good enemy that you can trade blows back and forth there's really nothing like it around at the minute. Shit, even DmC has lost some of the charm it had back in the day.

The fight with the Lumen Sage around the fourth chapter is brilliant:

While you trade blows and are constantly looking for that sweet evade to slow down time and get your attacks in, all the while yours and the Sage's ginormous pets are duking it out in tandem behind you. Against this massive backdrop, you're dodging weaving and smashing faces as though you're the greatest player character in the universe.

It's a shame the WiiU doesn't record video but it certainly felt amazing.
There's a brilliant aray of costumes when you've finished it:

Mushroom Princess (complete with Bowser flying out as your weave)
Fox Star Wing Guy (and Arwing in the plane level)
Metroid Woman complete with ball morph.

There's more but I can't afford them. Boo-urns.

Oh, now I've finished it? It's brilliant gaming fun. Just joyous crazy and top notch fighting and shooting and stuff. Is it worth buying a WiiU for though?


But if you've got a WiiU and haven't played this then you aren't doing gaming right.
And the rings turn to Mario's coins instead and do the "ba-ding" now. It's ace.
All costumes and weapons video, since I've just discovered that the Chain Chomp is an unlockable weapon!

I love this game so much. Plus, at the beginning, the guy does a wicked juggle in midair for ages. I once managed to kill an enemy that had fallen out the air and juggled him before he touched the floor and killed him without him ever touching the ground. Cause this game is groovy rather than me being any good at combos and shit.

Anyway, most people will never play it so enjoy some costumes.

SEGA are teasing a Bayonetta image on their website.

NEW BAYONETTA!? If it's Switch only I'll not be chuffed. ... nimage.jpg
I hope it's not an April fools.

If it does come out on the Switch then it'll be 3 games across 3 platforms. Weird. You'll have to buy 3 different consoles to play the trilogy.
The rumour is it's teasing the release on Steam. Hopefully that includes the second one.
It was Bayonetta on PC. Awwww. Unless you've never played it in which case now you can on PC.

£15 so I've heard.
Satsuma wrote:
It was Bayonetta on PC. Awwww. Unless you've never played it in which case now you can on PC.

£15 so I've heard.

£12.74 on Bundlestars, with an extra 5% off if you use the code EASTER5 during checkout
I have decided to give this a go, for £15 you can't go too far wrong, that doesn't even get you a box of Pinot Grigio from Tesco.
Should probably put this here too. ... 7609606144

I have B2 and it's Amazeballs.
I read bayonetsa 1/2 were coming to ps4 soon

Here digital foundry test. ... t-analysis

Did like the demo of bayonetta 2 on the wiiU but never got around to buying it.. might look into it now... tihs or the swItch. Port
2 wont come to the PS4 - it’s a Nintendo game.
So was wonderful 101. But platinum have obtained permission to convert it to ps4 now. Platinum seem to be developing rapidly these days (they have a big ‘4 projects’ on their site, to self publish. We’ll see...
Didn’t Nintendo bankroll Bayo 2 though? I don’t think they did for W101.
Satsuma wrote:
Didn’t Nintendo bankroll Bayo 2 though? I don’t think they did for W101.

Seems that way. From the wiki pages Nintendo only published W101 but for Bayonetta 2 they published and part-funded it:

"The reason for the game's Wii U exclusivity was because Nintendo stepped in with additional funding after it was shelved by Sega. PlatinumGames producer Atsushi Inaba, responding to complaints by fans of the original game, stated that Bayonetta 2 would not exist if Nintendo had not partnered with the developer to make the game."

In fairness I never would've thought Nintendo would release control of anything that was exclusive to them so if they're allowing self-published versions of W101 on other platforms it's not impossible they'd do the same for Bayonetta 2; though it's certainly less likely.
Ah, that's more related than... did bayonetta 1 sell that poor on the X360 then?, thought it was quite well know

did support the kickstarter for w101, did like the demo but never got around playing the whole game.. nice and quirky.. .and they do nice mails with extra info twice a week
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