help me identify a game
or confirm that I made it up
It's a medieval rts type game where you start with a little castle and build walls and stuff, there's basically waves of enemies that come from a nearby settlement that you have to fend off. when you've built up a suitable attack force you can then go scale their battlements and take their stuff and kill them and stuff. there's a warning that an attacks coming a little before it hits and you can dig pits and set fire traps on the field in front of your walls. Can't remember how the economy works but I think it's rewards for winning battles rather than taxing your populace but I could be wrong about that.

Pretty likely this is a PC thing

This ringing any bells?

I've got a strong nostalgia for whatever it is and want to play it or something like it. maybe there's even a better one than what I've played, suggest me up if so.

alright kind of, I have played that one as well for sure. I'm thinking a little less in depth, less focused on the town and plebs and whatnot, more about the battles. Also I feel like it looks prettier but again, that could be the nostalgia glasses
Strongholder with a vengeance?
there is a lot of strongholds, this much is true
I'd like a new suggestion, from him or you

Count Arthur Strong?
Sounds like you've mixed together Rampart and The Horde in your head.
MrD wrote:
Sounds like you've mixed together Rampart and The Horde in your head.

Ooh, thanks, I'll check them out.
As an aside I'm now addicted to stronghold 2
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