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As mentioned elsewhere, I have issue #1 of Batman: The Dark Knight which the Grimlet spotted in with the kiddie magazines at Tesco (and it really should not have been there, but that's another story).

I have a question, though - what the fuck has happened to Alfred? Why is he a computer?

Also: £3! Fuck me.
In a world where Gotham can be castrated into a normal, boring city, I'm not surprised they're hell-bent on buggering up the rest of the characters. Next issue will be the revelation that the Batmobile has been replaced with a wise-crackin' CGI skateboard voiced by Eddie Murphy. In text.
I was confused by this when you initially posted about it: what comic are you talking about? There's an ongoing series called Batman: The Dark Knight which was launched back with the rest of the New 52 last year, is currently up to about issue 13 and has no nonsense with Alfred being a computer or whatnot (indeed it's been really good throughout so far). I'm talking about this, and can find nothing about whatever you're talking about?
Here's the bit with the date:

And here's the bit that made me think Alfred was a computer, but maybe he is just using a computer:

That's the reboot of Detective Comics, isn't it? Not sure why your cover has the Dark Knight on it.
I've no idea what's going on then, I wondered initially if they'd just never actually published that series in the UK before for some reason and this was them launching it as NEW! even though it's not; but I can't remember the first issue well enough from a year ago to know if that's the same as the series I'm reading. The cover's weird as well because it doesn't even tell you the writer and artist; it should be Paul Jenkins and David Finch if it's the series I know. I'll have a look when I get home tonight and see if it's the same comic or something else. Either way though, I suspect that Alfred's just buggering about with holograms there and isn't mean to actually be a computer himself.
I've got it on Comixology and it's the same one. My cover says Detective Comics though. Alfred isn't a computer. :)
That's all very odd. So they're calling "Detective Comics" "Batman: The Dark Knight" and releasing it a year late, but only if you buy it in a supermarket near Grim's house?

Fucking odd.

Titan are just around the corner from where I work, maybe I'll go and knock on the door and ask them ;)
Grim... wrote:
Also: £3! Fuck me.

That's actually the best offer I've had in a while :(
It's showing up in the Comics app as Dark Knight as well now. :S
How bizarre. Not unlike when the beloved 'Batman: TAS' show was diluted into 'The New Batman Adventures' and eventually we were left with 'The Batman' in which The Joker had turned into a mutant hybrid of Blanka and Finnegan Sinister.
metalangel wrote:
How bizarre. Not unlike when the beloved 'Batman: TAS' show was diluted into 'The New Batman Adventures' and eventually we were left with 'The Batman' in which The Joker had turned into a mutant hybrid of Blanka and Finnegan Sinister.

It is quite unlike that, in as much as they never completely renamed the first show and retrospectively pretended it'd had a different name all along. But anyway, yeah, the character design for The Joker in that newest Batman animated thing is fucking awful isn't it? I don't think I've watched much of any of the subsequent animated stuff because none of it was a patch on the original series.
In case anyone's wondering:


Looking at those images, your Blanka comparison is even more apt. It's not just the hair though, the entire design is like some kind of off-brand Street Fighter II rip-off what with the hulking shoulders and the needlessly massive feet.
In the first image I thought he had a comfy scarf on before realizing he was in a somewhat awkward crouch.

It really was a reboot where none was needed, and it also reduced the odds of BTAS reruns... same as the Disney Channel never showing any classic cartoons any more, preferring instead the 'House of Mouse' new ones where Pluto gets in trouble because he played too many video games when he should have been cleaning Mickey's house, and meanwhile Goofy's son Max has become an angsty teen who doesn't know how to talk to cute girls.
There’s the pictures of the new Batman car today doing the rounds but also some guy on reddit linked this handy Batman cars through the ages, which I thought was pretty cool of someone:- ... 0108023148
Is batman... Hearthly?
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