Green Man
The Festival of It.

Any BEEXers, particularly those based in the 'diff, interested in buying a pair of Green Man festival tickets for this weekend?

The line-up is good:

It's a friend of mine selling them. I assume he'll be asking for face value (£135) + whatever the booking fee was for each ticket. If you're interested, I'll check with him.

Grand. As you were.
I've got my ticket ready! Can't wait! :D

So yeah, sorry, got mine. But I'll ask around with my mates and the twee scene here and see if anyone missed out on getting one.
Green Man sold out? That's going some - I thought they really struggled a couple of years ago.

A friend has been to a few of these and can't recommend it highly enough, as I recall.
Will Dave Prowse be there?
Is this better than Bestival?

Got back this afternoon. Weather was lovely, utterly lovely. Only rained for ten minutes total! Had a great time and went on a big hill walk too. Thanks for the tent loan Lord Rixondale!

I took lots and lots of photos. Over a thousand.

Oh, and Buzz Magazine want me to provide the pics for a Green Man article, apparently their official photographer fell ill and couldn't go, and it was all last minute so they couldn't get a replacement. So they've asked for mine. Going to see if I can get any money out of them, or failing that, at least promises of paid future work out of them tomorrow. (I took the phone call from my housemate editor when I was in the bath, didn't have time to go into details!) :DD
Awesome! That's excellent stuff! Although, did you explain they can't have them for another month while you critically appraise over 1000 photos! :)
They want them by tomorrow morning! 8) I explained it might be Wednesday morning but that I'd try.

So here I am, frantically adjusting levels and what-not.
Hurrah! Good for you, Pete!
What the hell are you posting on here for then?! Get litter picking Get those pics over to them for cash money!

Looking forward to seeing them. :)
Well that's some of them done. Going to get up early tomorrow and do the rest. Meanwhile, here's a personal fave that I'm not sending to the magazine, that I've just popped on Flickr.

Excellent shot. Were most of your shots taken with your 85mm? I bet it was a great lens for the festival.
Yeah, I'd say I used the 85mm 90% of the time while I was there. Great sharpness and a good focal length. My only beef with it is a tendancy to chromatic fringing with strong backlight in high-contrast situations, which is cured by closing it down two stops, but a niggle none the less.
I found after using my cheapo macro converter that Lightroom does a fairly excellent job at toning down that sort of fringing without affecting other stuff.
Yeah, I use lightroom to remove it too. 90% of the time it works, every time - but there have been a couple of shots that I loved that were messed up by it. Boo.

Anyway, done the pics. I won't be getting cash - thought it was a long-shot asking as Buzz magazine is a free one, albeit a very, very popular glossy free one. Hopefully something will come of it. At least they have my name. One pic in the magazine (bet they choose the worst one) and a whole bundle on the website.

Might be good for free gig tickets in future, though! Have sent them twenty altogether, with web-sized varients too. Don't read too much into the fact that 80% of them are of hot women on stage. *Cough*
Shame you weren't at Endorse It, Pete. Would have been good to have some professional shots of my band.
Settler's Pass got.for 2023.
Pete, are you and rixondales going?
With the tent, the carpet, the porch shelter, the mattresses, the bunk beds, the ottoman, the kitchen table, the other kitchen table, and some chairs, there's something wrong as there's still space...
I'd leave that Mali at home and have even more space.
Where is the ottoman?
Been replaced by the hotter man, amirite!
Oh. This could be interesting.
Good luck, Mali tribe!
This could be the making of you.
Tow hook is behind plastic trim low right hand side for when you need to get out on Sunday.
MaliA wrote:
Haha oh fuck

Tent up, beer open, let's fucking go Wales.
Your hair is sunburnt.
Grim... wrote:
Your hair is sunburnt.

how are you holding up that second beer
Stackable cups.
I still can't fathom what's going on with the second cup.
AI glitch. Look at the face, dead giveaway.
I guess it's something like this?
But slightly saddened now the magic has been revealed.
It doesn't look very busy
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