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Apologies if this is covered in another thread that my 3 second search failed to find. I'm sure that if it has, Myp will merge it and call me a cock.

I downloaded the Tom Clancey Hawx demo last night after seeing a TV ad for it, and although I may be jumping the gun, thought it was pretty shit, although I may give it another go. However, its got me in the mood for a good dogfight, but with my knowledge of Xbox games being pretty much limited to what I have already bought, didn't know if there are any decent plane based warfare games that I should get? Preferably with half decent online multiplayer co-op...?
Ace Combat 6 is regarded as the best on the 360. MarkG and Metal Angel love it any way.
I'd second Ace Combat 6. The cutscenes are SO po-faced and ponderous they actually approach hilarious coming the other way, but it might be my favourite game on the 360 (Rock Band aside). It's like Outrun 2 with afterburners - totally captures the spirit and feel of flying a jet fighter without bogging itself down with tedious realism.

It's primarily a single-player game, though. There are only a couple of (admittedly fun) co-op missions. That's the only area other than raw looks where Haw(ks - ed.) seems to have it beaten.
I'd take Blazing Angels 2 over Ace Combat 6 any day. It's just so much more interesting.

Really good missions and a lovely skirmish mode.
Not played Blazing Angels 2 so I might check it out. Ace Combat 6 is brill though. Other than that there's cock all at the moment. However there is a console version of the awesome IL-2 Sturmovik PC sim coming sometime this year.
I haven't played Blazing Angels 2 either, but that looks suspiciously like a DeHavilland Vampire on the cover so now I might be forced to try it.
markg wrote:
However there is a console version of the awesome IL-2 Sturmovik PC sim coming sometime this year.

I have a feeling that might lose some of the "sim" in the translation, of course.
From what I have read it uses the same physics model as the PC version and aside from concessions to the joypad, on the hardest setting it should fly pretty much the same. Other aspects are changed though I think, the action is more scripted than dynamic. So where as on the PC version you could take part in a successful mission by flying around and staying out of trouble, on the console more events will be triggered by your presence.
Oooh - in which case: awesomes.
I wonder if Microsoft are going to release a force feedback flightstick. ;)
I don't know but I bet any money they won't just make it so I can use the really nice MS one I already have but for the PC, the cunts.
The F-1053R Nerdstick
Mr Chris wrote:
The F-1053R Nerdstick

Gaywood has one of those.

It hangs between his legs
Hori did a flight stick and throttle effort for Ace Combat 6 on 360... but only in US and Japan (boooo).

So it not only can it be done on the 360, it has been done.
Can I just say that I think IL2: 1946 is the most stupendous bargain ever and completely awesomes?

Well, I said it.
It's no F-19 Stealth Fighter.

That's the Daddy.
F/A-18 Interceptor wins.
Anyone ever made an A10 Thunderbolt sim? I'd have a go at that.
Pundabaya wrote:
Anyone ever made an A10 Thunderbolt sim? I'd have a go at that.

There was one about 8 or 10 years ago - A-10 Warthog or some such. Wasn't too bad.

One or two of the more recent sims have A-10s as options as well, I think.
Games with jets are great, proper sims with jets are rubbish. The thing is that pretty much anyone could fly and fight in a WWII fighter and they did, because they had to. However to successfully use a modern jet fighter as a weapon takes quite a lot more training and practice, also it is most often about staying as far as possible away from the enemy, sort of the opposite of WWII dogfighting and in a game the opposite of fun.
Heh. Yes. I had Janes F/A-18 and gave up after half an hour trying to work the radar.
Ace Combat 6 was sucky and had no impression of speed.
NO, you're sucky and you have no impression of speed.
IL2: Battle of Stalingrad. Picked this up the other night, even though it's an old game it still gets updated and looks decent, just spent about half an hour gawping at replays. Proper plane porn. It plays brilliantly too.

Hero of the Soviet Union:

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