Rules and Info

The RULES are as follows:

Be excellent to each other. :shrug:

This is a friendly community that encourages intellectual debate and discussion. Personal attacks and trolling will not be tolerated.

Keep signatures, images and avatars to a sensible size, nobody likes pages that take ages to load.

Any images, videos or articles which you (or others) may deem to be NSFW, must be posted as a link offsite with a clear warning. Please do not use the spoiler tag, as even if you do not open them your browser may store it in its cache. Many of our members post during office hours, so this must be followed or you could be landing people in hot water with their boss!

Due to the Christmas 2008 Namechange Punfest, we have decided to implement a rule limiting username changes to no more than once every three months. Frequent name changes can be confusing, especially for less active members. However, if there is a good reason (matching up with gamertag, or complaints received, etc), then we can review this on a case-by-case basis.

Kov has to Google stuff.

Failure to adhere to the RULES will result in a warning followed by suspension or an outright ban, on a case-by-case basis.

Please be aware that the mods may remove posts or post content where there has been a breach of the Rules, if the mods deem such a removal necessary. Rest assured that where such a removal occurs an explanation will be made at or near the time of removal. Similarly, if the same effect can be had by editing a particular post, this will also be accompanied by a suitable explanation.


All are welcome here. This is not a clique. If you are new, introduce yourself, have a look around. It's nice here. We love you.

BETEO is a DEMOCRACY and not a DICTATORSHIP. Mods are voted in and out, and no one person is in charge.

This forum is non-profit, ran for fun by volunteers. If you have any grievance, be it personal, legal or otherwise, please discreetly contact a moderator, who will be happy to discuss the matter with you.

Please note:
If you PM a moderator with an issue relating to the forum or another forum member (or anything not personally related to that moderator) there is a high chance that your message will be shared with the other moderators. If you wish to remain anonymous to everyone but the original recipient, please say so.
Updated to add ruling over piracy/downloads.
Updated. Thanks to all involved for suggestions and wording.
Updated with info regarding posting NSFW stuff.
Piracy rule done gone.
Added name change rule.
Added post removal policy.
Updated to emphasise NSFW roolz.
Removed the "freedom of speech" bit, which came right before a "don't say this" bit :)
Silly beer. Too much beer now. Silly taxi, all wobbly and shit. Keep smiling!
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