Official BETEO Forza Race Club of Gentlemen
FM3! 14/04/10! 9.30!
I the absence of mr Metal Angle at the current time, I thought I'd set this up in preparation.

Perkoies wrote:
For those who aren't aware, we play Forza 2 every Wednesday night from 2130 until about 2330. It's all good natured fun, with alcohol consumption outright encouraged for added laughter and ridiculous smashes. There's also the themed races: previous events have included the most undriveable American behemoths, Beetle vs Mini, and Chav Hatchbacks.

Come and join us! JOOOOIN USSSS

If by some kind of miracle I get my internet a day early, I'll be there!
Oh,now i've finally discovered the joys of Forza on Live, can i join you fine people?
Of co. Be around at 9:30 though as we tend to fill up fast, and go for a "first come first served" basis with Perkies normally the host.
Theme for this week?
Theme: "Everybody beat Zardoz"

You get a battered old banger, the rest of us get S class supercars.
*clap clap* It's Wednesday!
Mr Dave wrote:
Theme: "Everybody beat Zardoz"

That's not a theme that's just the natural order of things.
I was going to say, isn't every Wednesday a 'beat Zardoz' day?

BTW, I'm back tonight. :)
Was tehre a deal wherin you got XBox live for a year and a shedload of points as well, or did I just dream that?
I've won a few times, and what I lack in skillz I more than make up for in spirit.

And, Fuck you all.
MaliA wrote:
Was tehre a deal wherin you got XBox live for a year and a shedload of points as well, or did I just dream that?

Not sure but I got my Live sub from's PlayTrade thingy, I paid £27 for 13 months but it's currently £30 for the 13 months which seems ok. They also just email you the code so you don't need to wait for anything to get delivered.
We are so popular this has already slipped to the 2nd page. BUMPAGE
Got the all clear for a 9.30 start! Bought beers too!


Mrs Z is out on Friday so I can play with my Bezzie Mates in Cyberspace! - Burny P?
I play football on Wednesdays.

Which is good.

As I am TERRIBLE at Forza, and tend to just ram in to people on the first corner (and no subsequent corners as I never see anyone again).
Curiosity wrote:
I play football on Wednesdays.

Which is good.

As I am TERRIBLE at Forza, and tend to just ram in to people on the first corner (and no subsequent corners as I never see anyone again).

I'd noticed
Thankyou kind people for Forza invites tonight, I'be gone back offline as having to switch between plugging in my Xbox and my PC... I'll join in another time.

When I have even the slightest idea what I'm actually doing... bloody technology etc.
Good fun again last night, I scored a thrilling overall points victory in the racing and afterwards got slightly drunker and saw the monkey world and acquired some skulls and points.

My favourite bit was when when Dimrill knocked Dave off the track and so Dave cried and left (but then came back later for Halo fun).
To be fair, I could hardly see the screen at that point.
Yes, great fun again.

Shall we have a theme for next week?

I really need a greater selection in D and C category, I've said this before but I always forget.

Oh yeah, are we sticking with the Sprinters for the Official BETEO car?

Really we should have BETEO GTOs. That would be k00l.
Was the man in blue drunk there? ;)
I may join in on this next week - do I need to have unlocked loads of stuff first? Also, I've never actually played online before - be gentle MR SLIGHTLY NERVOUS FACE
Having stuff unlocked certainly helps, but you don't need it.

My real advice would be to have realistic goals if you want to enjoy it. Don't expect to win.

There were a couple of races last week I thought were ace. One I finished in second after a masterful overtaking manoevure on Mr Pundabaya, the other I finished in third, but made a good attempt to challenge for second. More fun than the races I finished in first because everyone else took each other out. (and certainly more fun than the two races which took the piss with the amount I got hit off the track)
Oh yeah, just be a laugh really! I'm still a bit crap at it to be honest, only played it a few times. Only had my 360 a couple of weeks... So, will I be racing only with the cars in my career garage ( a Golf GTI and a couple of others atm), or are there others I can use?
There's the arcade garage. Some cars in there are locked, but can be unlocked through playing through the arcade mode, but most are available from the start.
I really need to get round to joining in on this sometime, as racing randoms online is just a bit too hit and miss to be enjoyable.
Sadly, it looks like I'm probably not going to be around until late. (As in I'll probably be around for any post forza fun)

Shame, as I bought a new car, and got it ready for A class races (considering the master chief is underpowered, and the lotus is just a bit rubbish, I needed a new one, but I'm not sure this one is much better)

Next week, then.
Right, then. Two things.

One: Barring any arguments, the new official BETEO car is the AE86, aka the Toyota Sprinter Trueno, that was enjoyed so much last week. Keep it stock, obv, but paint it as you lke. Glue the locks on your old MX-5s.

Two: In light of there not being any better suggestions, the 'theme' for this week (ie: tomorrow) is anything from Class D, tuned up to the top of Class D. Paintjobs encouraged, as always...
ooh I loves it when you're all firm with us, like.
I shall turn up and lose races. Not like I've anything else to do [/selfpity]
If I can, I will join in. Last time I didn't cause too many major crashes, although I did get wiped out quite a few times in other incidents. I did manage to not lose every single race though, and I was quite happy with that. It was a lot of fun.
I have Forza 2 again now, so shall be along later, though I'll prob need money/a car. I have some but not much. I'm looking forward to it, I've never seen Bezzie Mates play Forza.
Should be aboot tonight, got some chores to do after Tea, so won't have time to tweak my Sprinter.

I look forward to tasting new blood.
I'll try to make it, but I won't be on until 10ish. Enjoy your close class-D races while I'm away, because everyone knows I'm the king of the crap car.
I am tempted to join in, but:

1 - I'll be drunk as I am going wine tasting this evening
2 - I am really terrible at Forza
3 - I will probably play CoD instead

Probably safer for all involved.
Can I politely request that everyone downloads the latest free car from the Marketplace? I have an amazing car from the new pack that you just don't want to miss!
I have a lovely bottle of Rioja Reserva, so merrily tipsy I will be.
What time do people usually vroom vroom?
CUS wrote:
What time do people usually vroom vroom?

9.30 is the meet-up time I believe.
I shall boot up now and try to make sure I've got a class D motor by 9:30...
Ooh, i'm actually online on wednesday night for once.I'll be up for this if there's room for one more.
Bah, for some reason it wouldn't let me join :( If anyone knows anything about how it all works, can they help me sometime? For I am ignorant in the ways of Xbox live...
Oh, and have only one internet connection so can't be here and there.

Bloody technology.

This 360 is doing a very good job of justifying its existance.
Aye that was cracking fun.Apologies for being slightly less than talkative much of the time, not too good at being the new kid on the block.

But thanks everyone for being mostly rubbish and making me look good.May i suggest the name be changed to Forza Race Club of Lunatic Apocolyptic First Corner Pile-up Merchants?
Soryy, I'm drunk for any crashes n shirt
Hi n00bs! Glad you made it and enjoyed it, what happened to you CUS?

Sprinter Nerdburger was ace, I suggest we keep this event.
I, er, wasn't sure that there'd be too many folks (that is, too many already without me), and I was in a bit of a quiet mood anyway. Next time.
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