Creepy Things Kids Do
Bean just freaked me the heck out.

I walked up the stairs to bed and as I got to the landing, I thought I saw/heard Bean’s door open by maybe 5cm at most. I stood there over 60 seconds, just staring at it, daring it to move. After the longest minute of my life, I consoled myself with the idea that I’d stepped funnily on a floorboard and caused a slight disturbance in the air, the lay of face doorframe, or something.

Calmed, I walked towards the bathroom when the most gutteral, raspy voice that sounded like torn up roofing felt came from Bean’s room: ‘who’s… there…?’

I froze for a minute and then shouted out ‘Bean, what the hell are you doing?! Why are you saying creepy things like that? What were you thinking? Why the heck would you do that?!’ (I wouldn’t normally speak to him like that but I was so freaked out and needed to be loud to challenge the ACTUAL DEMON that was clearly in residence in his room).

Then, Bean’s (normal) voice: ‘what! Mummy, what? You said it to me first!’. Reader, I most certainly did flipping NOT.

My mind blanked and I just asked again ‘Why were you speaking in that horrible creepy voice?’

‘But you did it to me, Mummy! I was just copying you’.

Chills. Honestly, my stomach flipped over. I ended up making Darwin come to bed in my room where we waited for Russell to come to bed because I am FREAKED OUT.
First you need a young priest and an old priest...
Yeah. That’s fucked up.
Anyone else singing the title of this thread along to The Evil That Men Do by Iron Maiden? No?
I wasn’t until now.
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