Finish 52 Wild Swims
I thought I'd create a thread to catalogue my wild swims this year.

A couple of years ago I managed at least 1 wild swim a month. Last year, injury prevented me from doing any wild swims for half the year.

I want to try and make 52 swims this year, and at least one each month.

So, looking at the forecast for the rest of January, I decided that today was the best day to have a swim.

As such:

1) Long Timber Woods - quick swim after work, cut short as it was cloudy and the sun set at 5, so it was pretty dark, however, surprisingly not too cold. I only managed 2 lengths, as it was getting really dark!

This is a good idea Malc, and I hope you are able to complete it!

However, I shall not be joining in.
Heh, i think I might have managed it in 2022, but I didn't really keep proper count. so I can't say for sure.

Yesterday, I walked passed the spot I went swimming on Monday at approx the same time, the difference was, it was mostly clear, rather than cloudy, I took this picture:


Obviously it wasn't quite as dark as my phone made out (eyes are generally better than standard cameras) but it's still quite remarkable how much difference cloud cover makes
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