Finish 52 Challenge 2024
Let’s all remember Runcle who started this many years ago. Runcle, who once wrote:

Last year I tried to finish/complete 52 video games within the whole of 2013, a Bruce busy November and December ruined my goal and I finished on an agonisingly close 49 games completed.

I'm going to try again this year and wondered if anyone else would like to join in.

Your way of finishing games may be different to mine, generally for me it's completing the story but for others it may be to get all the achievements/trophies. Also you may have different rules for each game, for example a game like FIFA that you can't really complete, I have decided that I either have to get all the trophies or to win Division 1 of the Ultimate Team Seasons mode.

Also you can complete games you've completed before and you can complete games that you have started in any previous year, it doesn't have to be a new game started this year. It can also be on any platform including mobile, and obviously cheating is pointless as your only cheating yourself as there is no prizes or anything. Just a reduced back log of games and sense of immense pride, achievement and self worth.

God bless you, Runcle. Although he did mention that he plays FIFA. What a dick.
Anyhoo, I clocked:

1) Trepang2 (PS)

Do you like FEAR? Not the emotion, silly, the game. It’s like that but for the 2020’s. Lots of exploding, lots of enemy chatter, lots of sliding around waving your foot and activating slow mo and all that shit.

Except it’s not much like FEAR outside of how it plays (and that may or may not bother you) because it’s mission based, has side missions which are just arenas, is a bit fiddly in parts, and, shockingly, you can complete it and every single mission it has to offer within about 5 hours (again, that may or may not bother you). Well I did anyway, and that was on hard difficulty. I did try playing on normal and, frankly, it was taking the piss how easy it was. There’s another couple of difficulty levels above hard but I couldn’t be bothered to find out about them since hard was a decent sweet spot. Anyway, it’s only about twenty quid so it’s a reasonable deal I reckon.

I liked it, but not as much as I love FEAR. The game.

EDIT:- Oh, here’s some footage I captured running around with shotguns in one of the arena levels. Absolute carnage when you’re playing. I’ve forgot how good it was actually!
1) Trepang2 (PS)
2) River City Girls 2 (PS)

It’s a brilliant beat em up in the vein of the recent TMNT! 4 player online! RPG elements with stats and shit! The graphics are awesome! The story is genuinely funny in parts (albeit over written sometimes)! Plenty of game too at about 13 hours and haven’t even done all the side quests! And it’s not really a belt scroller either cause you choose your paths and there’s back tracking and fast travel! And shops! And upgrades! And combos! And plenty of new moves to buy and punch people with!

Yeah, not too much to complain about with this one.
Satsuma wrote:
1) Trepang2 (PS)
2) River City Girls 2 (PS)

3) Back 4 Blood (XB)

Like Left 4 Dead but with “decks”. It’s alright, I guess. I couldn’t be arsed with it after a hoard level where “Ace of Spades” plays raucously in the background. Nothing ever managed to surpass that.
1) Monster Hunter World (PC)
If you like being screamed at into stumbling around helplessly for a few seconds while monsters savage you, this is the game for you! Failing that, if you like things hitting the ground near you, making you stumble around helplessly for a few seconds while monsters savage you, this is the game for you! Failing that, if you like that bit in SF2 when your opponent hits you and then you get to stand still with stars around your head while your opponent gets to hit you for free, but wouldn't mind trading that opponent for a monster who wants to savage you, then this is the game for you!

Aside from that it's not bad.
1) Monster Hunter World (PC)
2) Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (PC)

The game the devs who made shadow gambit did before the game they did before shadow gambit. The lineage is clear and it is a good steallthy tactics game, but having played them in this order... Oh boy, did I miss some of the quality of life changes, and the generally more refined design they had by that point.
1) Monster Hunter World (PC)
2) Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (PC)
3) Unpacking (PS5)

You unpack boxes. And then you do it again.
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