The Traitors
We just watched the first episode of this on iPlayer.

It's basically Claudia Winkelman hosting a game of Mafia with some weird Fort Boyard bits shoe horned in.

I am gripped!
Episode 2 down.

This has the lot. Being forced to go to bed before I binge watch the lot.

This is all kinds of ace.
It's great, they are all so clueless.
I was sceptical when I heard about it but two episodes in and I'm hooked.

I'm very impressed with the editing and story telling.

Running hot and cold on Winkelmann at the moment. It's good for her to play against type but occasionally she's not as in control as I'd like: when she misses a beat it's really noticeable.
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Just noticed that after a murder they fly the flag at half mast.
This is the attention to detail that I love.
Kern wrote:
ZOMG Spoiler! Click here to view!
Just noticed that after a murder they fly the flag at half mast.
This is the attention to detail that I love.

Oh that's a nice touch!
Kern wrote:
I was sceptical when I heard about it but two episodes in and I'm hooked.

Did you spot the Only Collect alumnus, Kern?
Mimi wrote:
Kern wrote:
I was sceptical when I heard about it but two episodes in and I'm hooked.

Did you spot the Only Collect alumnus, Kern?

No, but I can imagine OC contestants playing a lot of Mafia!
It took me a few moments to work out where I’d seen him before, but Ivan has been on OC.
Watched the penultimate episode last night.

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Start of episode: it has to be a boy
End of episode: let's all vote off women!

Oh dear.

Still, i can emphasise a bit with Maddy. Always sucks to work it out early but never get anyone else on board. But I've never tried role claiming "homeless person on Eastenders".
The final

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Wow! Just... wow!

(more thoughts to follow once I've had time to process them)
This slipped under my radar, and I was only told about it on BeeX. I was very sceptical about the show and the host. I stayed away until some other people mentioned it, then binged the first three episodes in one go as it swiftly became my TV show of the year, and totally unexpectedly.

I absolutely loved how carefully constructed each episode was, telling the stories in just the right way whilst also allowing us to get to know the players and care for them. I kept on switching from being Team Faithful to Team Traitor. The dramatic tension wouldn't have worked if the audience didn't know who was who.

Despite my doubts about Claudia, I now think she was a great choice, getting the mix of sympathy and spice just right.

The set design and b-roll of the Scottish highlands were a visual treat.

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Kieron's backstabbing at the end was brilliant. I made the mistake of peeking at Twitter and some are complaining that he shouldn't have been allowed to do that. I completely disagree. He didn't say Wilf was the traitor, just planted sufficient seeds to make people join the dots, and besides, the game is about wielding the knife anyway. It still took the others a while to work it out, but the drama of when Hannah's flame turned red was definitely one of the "holy crap!" TV moments of the year.

I'm not sure if I was right about the flag thing, but did anyone else notice the rather scary portrait of Claudia in the breakfast room?

Back in July, I wrote about my experiences of Mafia and how I'd long since moved on but have very fond memories of those days. If anything, this reminds me how much fun GMing it is. I wonder if the players were specifically forbidden from playing a quick round during the show?

"Next time" trailers should fuck off to the end of the credits, or just fuck off altogether however. Part of the excitement is not knowing who will be back. I had to remember to have the remote in hand to cut the picture to avoid them every episode.
Traitors Australia : enjoyable from the start, they are all so very Australian. Better than the UK version I thought, but not by much.

Traitors USA : horrendous people, some of which you will genuinely despise. Almost turned it off after a couple of episodes as it is all so fake and "American". Stick with it though as the second half is great.
Where can you watch the Australian version, Troops? We watched half of the first episode of the American one and bailed on it. Those people are all just horrendous and fake, just as you say. Not sure I can push on through with it.
I had to torrent the Australian version, don't think it's on UK TV anywhere
I binged this fairly recently. Far better than it had any right to be. Worried that another season wouldn’t work as the combo of contestants were absolutely perfect.
Finished the US version at the weekend.

Alan Cumming hosts in a very different way to Claudia Winkelmann. He certainly isn't as motherly and far more icey, but adds a sense of mystery and feels naturally at home in the environment. In a way, it's like the difference between the classic hosts of the Crystal Maze: you could picture O'Brien living in that world whilst Tudor-Pole was only visiting.
I liked how he started to create a character for his groundkeeper - again, shades of O'Brien and Mumsey.

ZOMG Spoiler! Click here to view!
I found the non-beautiful people more interesting and engaging than the "stars of shows I've never heard of". Shame they got rid of the Kentucky guy early on as I loved his accent. He did make the classic first timer mistake of going to overboard with accusations early on.

I did like Cirie - she's almost as vicious as Amanda. I was surprised at how undramatic the final reveal was. I didn't feel any emotion in the way I felt at the end of the UK one. Also, the faithful should have picked up on that hint by the guy leaving, but no.

It was fun, and definitely builds over time, but was carried more by the host - Alan lit up every scene he was in, and not just due to his fashion choice. As with the UK version, I didn't feel like I got a sense of the geography of the castle: which rooms lead where, who can overhear who, etc. I also wish the producers would give us some hint as to how people find out about the murder - are they all summoned to the diary room each night to record their reflections and one person finds the death note? Or is it just a note under the door saying "don't come in today".
Just finished the Australian version.

Giphy "mind-blowing":
Just finished the Aussie version too, very good.

I’ll try and watch the USA one again but last time I didn’t have the stomach to get through episode one, weird they used some reality tv ‘stars’ rather than just everyday folks.
The Americans really ballsed the format up. I found it unwatchable but loved both the Brit and Aussie ones.
Tried the USA one again but still couldn’t stomach them. More UK & Aus please.
There’s a New Zealand version too
Dr Zoidberg wrote:
There’s a New Zealand version too

On iPlayer?
Season 2 of the Australian version is currently being shown... In australia
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