Meatup 2022
August 20th
August 20th!

Turn up!
Mixed blessings: Standing on a mountain in Wales, listening to bands that weekend, so not available.
We should be OK for it, but we're at a family wedding up in Glasgow the day/evening before so we need to work out logistix before we commit either way.
Hmmm, I don’t appear to be on holiday for a change.
We've booked a hotel for the Saturday night, so count us in.

However, we may still change that plan because I'm in Vegas for work for the whole week prior, getting back to Heathrow on the Monday afternoon, and then the wedding later in the week means that I'd be doing around 900 miles of driving between home, Glasgow and Chez Grim... so there's every possibility that I'll just be too fucked by the time we've dropped the kids back off in Shropshire after the wedding.
Ooh, are you going to DEFCON?
Yeah, and Black Hat immediately before that.
Oh man, that's cool.

/looks at remaining training budget
I mean, me being the socially anxious and general shut-in I am, I'm as nervous as fuck about spending an entire week with 30+ people that I've never met before in a foreign country (well, as foreign as the US can be I guess) so if you want to take my place... ;)
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