Secret Santa 2021
Well hello there! So, it's not been the best of years for most, so to try to bring some cheer, Secret Santa is back! Once again you get to stalk your victim er, recipient and send them something amazing to make their Christmas rawk! :metul:

Rules of the game if you want to play are:

    PM me your details(name & address) by Midnight November 26th with the subject line 'Secret Santa'.

    I will be sending out your recipients details over the weekend, you then have about three weeks to stalk them and buy them something truly amazing!

    I reckon try to have your gift sent out by about the second week of December so it gets there in plenty of time.

    You may post in this thread, but you don't have to if you want to remain super secret and stalkerish!

    I'm thinking of a cost limit of £5 - £10?

    Over Christmas you take a photo of your gift and put it in this thread.

Try and make sure that you at least get proof of postage in case something goes astray, recorded delivery is always better so it can be tracked, but do whatever is within budget for you.

Try to update your Amazon wishlist, you can get the thingy (technical term, okay) so you can grab stuff from any site.

Last posting dates;

Saturday 18th December Second Class and Recorded Signed For
Tuesday 21st December First Class and Recorded Signed For

Any further thoughts or anything you think I've missed, feel free to post in this thread or drop me a PM. :)

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Giphy "in":

Giphy "in":
Now I'm curious.

Giphy "in":
Bumpety bump.

Just realised we have a visitor this weekend, so I won't be doing this until Sunday evening if anyone else wants to get in on the action? :)
Anybody who has PM'd me should have a message now.

Any issues, just let me know. :)
I have a big purple sack under the tree.
Great news!

There is another one on its way to a recipient too... :)
Joans wrote:
I have a big purple sack under the tree.

Someone needs to update the ‘Show Is Your Rig’ thread.
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