IT Support Ages
Testing a theory

How old (roughly) is your "IT Guy"
Under 25  22%  [ 2 ]
26-30  22%  [ 2 ]
30-40  33%  [ 3 ]
40-50  22%  [ 2 ]
50+  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 9

Those of you of you work in a place with on site IT Support, how old would you estimate the "IT Guy" is?

I'm testing a theory.
Early twenties
We use a lot of eager young apprentices as the front line.
Kern wrote:
We use a lot of eager young apprentices as the front line.

Sacrificial lambs. Nice.
All ours are online now.. so not sure the ages.
The IT team at the big facility (our 'parent' facility) up in the city is reasonably big and split into subteams: Operations, Applications and Infrastructure - there may be a fourth but I'm not sure.

So, there's a range from 50+ down to about 25 ish.

In the smaller facility that I'm based at, there isn't really an IT guy. I guess i'm the defacto support guy and I'm 40. I only do really trivial stuff though, anything significant gets passed on to the proper IT team.
My teams covered internal IT as part of their roles with most of them being late 30s to 40s though we did bring on one junior chap in his early 20s.

Since the take over we’ve got a big corporate IT team covering a similar age range.
I guess my theory was wrong :)
What was your theory?
Big Bang Theory is both underrated and overrated at the same time
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