Ghostbusters Afterlife
I just saw a sponsored post on Facebook with a trailer for the Ghostbusters Afterlife film

Gazchap posted about it in 2019 in a movie thread somewhere I think, but watching the trailer it seemed to have a lot of the hallmarks of the original: discovering the supernatural activity, forming a team, fighting the ghosts etc.

I think it could be amazing.
I am hoping it will be great..
I'm looking forward to it, but at the same time there looks like there's potentially a lot of fan-service in that trailer that I'm not keen on.

I don't think this is the official line, but with the callbacks to what looks like Gozer and the Stay Pufts, and even (I think) a statue of Ivo Shandor (the architect that built 55 Central Park West in the first movie, for the non turbo-nerds) it seems like a soft reboot of sorts, and I'd rather they explore something else really.

I'll still probably enjoy it though.
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