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I have a EE super hub, and it seem to be struggling with all the connections to it.

I have 2 PCs via Lan cable, 2 PS4s by power adapters.

The wifi I have, 17 connected devices. TV, 5 Google nest/minis and phones etc

I have spread the devices across 2.4 and the 5 connections.

Am I better looking at a new router/wifi hub or mesh. I am a bit clueless on these..

Have a look at what channel all your neighbours are using. Download something like WiFi Analyser which will show you the clearest channels near you to avoid clashing overlapping networks
Will give that a go.
I put a Deco M5 mesh in yesterday. So far nothing has dropped.

An oddity is, if a PS4 connects via Wi-Fi it blocks logging in, if I wired connect to the M5 it works ok.. Time to investigate further.
Fixed that too... the DNS needed to be and all works now.
Put your deco in bridge mode so all DHCP and DNS is transparently left to the main router.

I've got 3 deco m9 plus units as the backbone with m5 units on the edges, it's bloody brilliant. Hasn't failed in months, I dont even worry about it anymore. Bridged to the bt smart hub 2 the base deco is wired to.

Way better than the much more expensive Linksys velops I was trying to use, but that are incapable of actually meshing for more than about 3 hours in this house before needing to be power cycled in specific order - with a 5 minute boot per node, instead of under 30 seconds for deco.
If you've got >100mbps broadband I also recommend giving 2.4ghz and 5ghz WiFi networks different names so that stupid devices don't cling to 2.4ghz like morons, even when they notionally do the proper mesh protocols, like my oppo android phone.

That's done by turning off 2.4ghz in the deco WiFi settings and setting up the 'guest' network on which you turn off 5ghz and making sure the 'isolate from main network' option is disabled.

It's a pain if you've got loads of 2.4ghz devices mind.
And turn off the WiFi on your broadband router, obviously.
Cheers Bik..

I have turn off the Wi-fi on my EE hub, everything is connected to the Deco stuff.

I will look at the bridge mode.
Kov, you broke the internet.
Let me turn it back on :)
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