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Can anyone recommend a good website thing? Wife is setting up a business page for her photography and was thinking of going with Square Space since they’re always advertising. Are there any better ones? It doesn’t need to host all the digital images, she does that somewhere else but it will need to process payments.
I use Wix for mine, and SumUp for payment processing.

Wix is super easy to use, and seem to have addons/options for everything.
SumUp are the best I could find in terms of costs, but my primary use is physical card machine payments rather than purely online, so there might be better out there for digital sales.
One thing I would say, do not go with WorldPay, they are absolute cowboys with loads of hidden charges.
I’ve just started experimenting with this. Shopify seems excellent so far but I’ve just got the lite version for £9pm as I just need to add to the site I’m making to process payments. If you need a site as well then you’ll need the full version which is £29pm so a bit more spendy.

Wordpress is also good and easy to use, they have their own e-commerce software called WooCommerce. I’ve not used it but I think @jem has. And if you can install Foundry you can do that. :)
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