We Happy Few - what's it like?
talk before I buy
'We Happy Few' is on the PS store for cheaps.

It looks kind of interesting and although it got mixed reviews, when games are cheap I'm willing to overlook some of their rough edges. However, when games are cheap I often fall into the discarding them very easily if they don't grab my attention quickly (I'm looking at you, Just Cause 4, The Outer Worlds, The Last Guardian and many others). So, hivemind, what is 'We Happy Few' like?
This is what I said back in 2019 on an Xbox One X.


We Happy Few

Interesting-ish Bioshock-ish type of game. But, fudge me, it’s a hot mess. 30FPS-ish when it can apple on an Xbox 1X isn’t good enough and the amount of screen tearing is un-fudge-acceptable.

Worst still, there’s no animation for CLIMBING A 5 FOOT LADDER. You have to hold X and then it goes blank and you’re teleported up the ladder. Every ladder. Lazy as fudge.

And the load times are so long it puts Prey to shame. Or at least equals them.

I was ‘sort of’ enjoying it especially the setting and some of the daft English accents but the above properly pissed me off.

I do wonder if a good PC or the new Gen of consoles fare any better after all this time.
Erk, I'm on a bog standard PS4 so that doesn't bode too well
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