Chrome cast v fire stick
After getting a new screen. I have freed up a tv, which will go in my bedroom ( giving back story )

I am not sure which is best to get chrome cast or a firestick. Just seems to be a big cost difference £60 v £20

I am mainly a Google house, so guessing chrome cast would work with all that?
We used to have all TVs with Chromecast, but we were FOREVER finding that they were dropping the connection and then we’d struggle to get them back online. Plus, the style that we had (thoigh they’ve likely improved them now) had a weak build point where the plastic met the metal connector, and the weight of the unit would cause it to bend and eventually fail.

We have had no connection problems since moving to Firesticks last Christmas (I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away), though the newer Chromecasts might have been better in both regards, anyway.

Also, we like the fire stick for doing Question Of The Day.

If they function as they are supposed to, they really are much of a muchness.
Thanks Mimi, I have gone for a fire stick, as they are £19 at the moment and worth a punt..
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