Retro technology quiz

I got 28 on a first pass. Added 5 more with a bit of thought, then started Googling for likely candidates.
25 for me, American names for stuff are stupid
How is the Nintendo DS on there? They discontinued it a week ago :D
Up to 36.

(missing #15 : that thing with a chair
#27 : Looks like some kind of dictaphone. maybe.
#29: a speaker or something
#34: some kind of jackboard?
#35 some old radio cabinet maybe
#39: no clue.
#42 : a desk
#43 : a transparent computer
#45 : a desk with more space.)
Transparent computer is an Apple 1 I believe
27 was in Home Alone

34 is from Bletchley Park

35 is a Baird Televisor. Doubt many people will get that
I got 26 without too much effort. The remaining ones, I wasn't really prepared to put in much more effort for.
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