Cross-platform location tracker app with arrival notificatio
Hi Frens,

We used to have Find My Friends on iPhone, but then @mr Russell defected to Android.

It’s not been needed until D started at school, and now we would really like to have it so that whenever one of us comes past a certain distance from home the other gets a notification to start running a bath, ready for when he gets home.

Are there any location sharing apps that anybody knows of, that work well, that will send a notification at a certain point from home that work cross platform?

We’ve been trying a few but either they don’t work, are very limited, or don’t have arrival notifications.
markg wrote:
Maybe If This Then That

Yeah, we’d discussed that, actually, but I hadn’t looked properly. I will have a more thorough look. Thanks!
Dr Zoidberg wrote:

That’s the one we had tried and though it seems to update Russell’s phone when I reach the point, it doesn’t seem to do the same the other way around. I’ll check the settings again, but I’m sure it’s set up right. It might be Russell’s phone, which has all the connectivity of a potato.
Thank you, Dr Z!
*May* have set something up on IFTTT but can’t go out yet to test it.
I'd totally use this if I were banging the cleaners.
markg wrote:
Maybe If This Then That

I got this working in the end. Ifttt seem to have dropped support for sending a text after a trigger, and don’t seem to have any WhatsApp connections, but I managed to get it to announce on Alexa when we hit a point of our journey home.
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