Call of Duty 17 : Black Ops Cold War
Leaked because of bag of crisps ... g-campaign ... 39816.html ... 7844982784

2XP doesn't seem like that many.
Perhaps you unlock double the penises? That seems like quite a lot of penises, comparatively speaking.
Multiplayer reveal on the 26th ... 9690388480

Reveal trailer

And multiplayer reveal on the 9th of Sept (2 weeks)
If you didn't get to take part in the live event, it's being rerun tonight at 18:30-19:30, 28th at 00:00-02:00, 29th at 16:00-18:00 and 01:00-03:00. Those times are PST changed to BST so for the early morning ones the dates are for the night before.

The live event is a special playlist in Warzone; 'Know Your History'. You are given four missions which signal clearly what to do and if you complete them all before the time runs out, you get a blueprint.

Jen and I joined with two randoms and didn't complete the final part so might try again at some point to get the blueprint.
That'll make a nice PS5 launch game.

Multiplayer reveal trailer
Whole lot of vehicle set pieces in that, which is very not CoD

And a lot more info

So Scorestreaks will be a thing - weapon and rank progression is consistent across all game modes , cross play , combined battle pass , free new maps
'Launch' trailer

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