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Folks! I cannot keep up with trying to find everyone’s fossil posts each day, so can we please try this? If it doesn’t work, fine, but I think it should.

Please everyone playing make ONE post only in this thread with a list of any items (furniture, fossils, fruit, flowers, recipes, etc) that they are looking for, or are for trade, or they have for free, etc and keep the thread free from chat, replies, etc to keep those single lists easy to scroll through.

Then when you have that item, or are after something else, please edit that single post to keep it up to date. That way we should have just one succinct thread of a few posts that’s easy to scan through, and I’ll link to it from the main Animal Crossing thread (first post) so it doesn’t get lost. Can we try this to see if it works?
Mimi wrote:
Cafe Curtain wall (Sahara wallpaper)

Ironwood dresser
Galaxy flooring
Lunar surface
Star clock
Starry garland
Nova light
Flying saucer
Crescent moon chair
Crewed spaceship
Astronaut suit
All my fossils are now surplus, so I’ll send those out to anybody who needs them, plus any spare recipes.

I have the cutting board recipe, so if anybody needs those crafting, just let me know.
I am looking for the recipe of
the little round stone seats that go with the big round stone table
and the recipe of a log chair
please :)
Looking for
Beautiful Statue (fake - for decoration outside)

Mine wants are all recipes. And there's a few of em:

apple dress
apple hat
apple rug
apple umbrella
apple wall
Aquarius urn
aroma pot
autumn wall
backyard lawn
bamboo basket
blue rose crown
blue rose wreath
brown herringbone wall
cabin wall
Cancer table
Capricorn ornament
cherry hat
cherry lamp
chic cosmos wreath
chic mum crown
chic rose crown
chic tulip crown
chic windflower wreath
chocolate herringbone wall
coconut wall planter
colored-leaves flooring
cool pansy wreath
cosmos crown
cosmos shower
cosmos wreath
cute lily crown
cutting board
dark cosmos crown
dark lily wreath
dark rose wreath
dark tulip crown
dark wooden-mosaic wall
deer decoration
DIY workbench
fancy lily wreath
fancy mum wreath
fancy rose wreath
flower stand
forest flooring
forest wall
fossil doorplate
gold armor
gold rose wreath
golden arowana model
golden dishes
golden flooring
golden gears
golden wall
green grass skirt
holiday candle
honeycomb wall
hyacinth crown
iron armor
iron garden bench
iron shelf
iron wall rack
ironwood bed
ironwood chair
ironwood clock
ironwood low table
jail bars
Jingle wall
kettle bathtub
key holder
knight's helmet
leaf campfire
leaf stool
Leo sculpture
Libra scale
lily crown
medium cardboard boxes
natural mum wreath
natural square table
oil-barrel bathtub
orange wall
ornament mobile
ornament wreath
pansy crown
pansy wreath
paw-print doorplate
pear hat
pear rug
pear umbrella
pile of leaves
pine bonsai tree
Pisces lamp
pond stone
pretty tulip wreath
purple hyacinth wreath
purple pansy crown
purple windflower crown
rose crown
rose wreath
rustic-stone wall
Sagittarius arrow
scattered papers
Scorpio lamp
shell wand
shell wreath
shellfish pochette
simple mum crown
snazzy pansy wreath
starry-sands flooring
steel-frame wall
stone lion-dog
straw umbrella hat
street piano
traditional balancing toy
tree standee
tropical vista
tulip wreath
underwater flooring
underwater wall
Virgo harp
water flooring
windflower crown
windflower fan
wooden table
wooden-block bookshelf
wooden-block wall clock
yellow-leaf pile

Stretchy thread needed stretching.
Rusted Parts

Fossils needed
Right Quetzal Wing
Thanx to donations from you all. Merci!

Is it
Brachio skull.
Pachy Tail
Wouldn't it be awful if someone commented in this thread just to keep it near the top of the page, eh?
miki wrote:
I am looking for the recipe of
the little round stone seats that go with the big round stone table
and the recipe of a log chair
please :)

I think I dropped a stone stool recipe at devilman's the other day - apologies, hadn't seen this post at the time!
Jem wrote:
I think I dropped a stone stool

sounds painful
GazChap wrote:
Jem wrote:
I think I dropped a stone stool

sounds painful

thanks Jem, it's ok it's not an obligation!
When I go back to Flump I will have a nose about :)
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