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Folks! I cannot keep up with trying to find everyone’s fossil posts each day, so can we please try this? If it doesn’t work, fine, but I think it should.

Please everyone playing make ONE post only in this thread with a list of any items (furniture, fossils, fruit, flowers, recipes, etc) that they are looking for, or are for trade, or they have for free, etc and keep the thread free from chat, replies, etc to keep those single lists easy to scroll through.

Then when you have that item, or are after something else, please edit that single post to keep it up to date. That way we should have just one succinct thread of a few posts that’s easy to scan through, and I’ll link to it from the main Animal Crossing thread (first post) so it doesn’t get lost. Can we try this to see if it works?

Recipes or crafted items:
Lunar surface
Star clock
Starry garland
Nova light
Crewed spaceship
Astronaut suit
from CJ:
a pufferfish
Looking for
Nothing at the moment :)

apple rug
blue rose crown
blue rose wreath
chic cosmos wreath
chic rose crown
chic windflower wreath
cosmos wreath
dark rose wreath
golden dishes
hyacinth crown
natural mum wreath
purple hyacinth wreath
purple windflower crown
rose wreath
tulip wreath
windflower crown
wooden-block bookshelf

amazing painting
basic painting
beautiful statue
detailed painting
gallant statue
glowing painting
graceful painting
great statue
motherly statue
moving painting
mysterious painting
proper painting
robust statue
rock-head statue
solemn painting
tremendous statue
valiant statue
warrior statue
wild painting right half
wistful painting

Stretchy thread needed stretching.
Fossils needed
Right Quetzal Wing

Nothing needed right now. :)
Thanx to donations from you all. Merci!

Is it
Brachio skull.
Pachy Tail
Wouldn't it be awful if someone commented in this thread just to keep it near the top of the page, eh?
miki wrote:
I am looking for the recipe of
the little round stone seats that go with the big round stone table
and the recipe of a log chair
please :)

I think I dropped a stone stool recipe at devilman's the other day - apologies, hadn't seen this post at the time!
Jem wrote:
I think I dropped a stone stool

sounds painful
GazChap wrote:
Jem wrote:
I think I dropped a stone stool

sounds painful

thanks Jem, it's ok it's not an obligation!
When I go back to Flump I will have a nose about :)
As it appears the surfboard and retro fan colours are tied to your island, I'm after these if anyone can help :)

Surfboard - Cool

Thank yee!
I will send you the hibiscus and blue fan, Dimrill.
Mimi wrote:
I will send you the hibiscus and blue fan, Dimrill.

I also have hibiscus and blue fan so can't be of more help, sorry
Actually I found a friend with the blue striped board + pinkish fan, will acquire :)
@dimrill are you also after the fan that goes with it or just the surfboard?
Cheers Miki! I have all the fans now. Just need the cool surfboard for a full set of those. If anyone wants another colour, let me know and I'll drop one in the post.
what does the cool surfboard look like?
it's a bit small, but

Found the surfing board! If anyone wants one I can post it.

Oh noes! I have bumped the thread too. How appalling.
good to hear! I was still looking :D my nephews didnt know what one they had :roll: so I had to visit and turned out to be a red thing and they were so excited that I felt obliged to buy it :DD so I'm alright for boards thank you
Bump for changes

Has everyone got everything from this list now - worth updating as I have tons of stuff in storage I should probably sort out :DD
Mine is up to date, though I’ve tidied it up a but (removed the couple of struck through bits)
it's up-to-date now! Thank you so much @mimi and Dimrill!
Oh dear I seem to have bumped this thread.
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