The budget
I like to budget budget...
Well, that was interesting. I do wonder where all the money is coming from to pay for all of this.
If this had been a labour budget the tories (and the ragtops) would be going apoplectic over the amount being spent etc...
There does seem to be a shitload extra going out, and very little more coming in (assuming that BBC article is comprehensive). So, yeah: where's it expected to come from?
The short burst of spending will help offset any economic crunch from the coronavirus and (whispers) the end of the Brexit transitional phase. Like hair-of-the-dog, however, the brief respite will probably be followed by more pain.
The UK government can currently borrow money at less than the rate of inflation. It essentially does have a magic money tree.
That is always true, really - the idea that the government has to carefully account for all the money in advance of spending it (which it cannot do, in any case) is some powerful righty bullshit.
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