The Witcher on Netflix
Which Witcher where?
It's... not great.

If you are a fan of the games or the books I expect you'll be very happy, but otherwise it just feels like there is nothing much to it. Script is pretty bad, acting is fine for the main characters, but terrible for others, plot is both generic and confusing at the same time.

It looks great, Cavill does a great Witcher, but unfortunately his performance is a perfect video game adaptation of the Witcher, which doesn't mean its a good thing to do to make a great TV show.

I've done 3 episodes, and the third episode was actually quite enjoyable, despite all that. I expect I'll finish the series.
Well now I don't know if I should watch it or not.
Nor which hour to do so in
How many Gwent cards has he found so far?
I've watched the first four and I'm really enjoying is very slow but I like that.
Reviving this from whenever.

I have watched the first two episodes and really love it. It’s the first fantasy type show I have watched where it seems happy to just meander off and lay backstory or show how the world works without it having to layer another continual storyline on top.

Thought the first episode was excellent, in that it made me genuinely feel for several characters that died, where I had expected them to become mainstays. It set up an overall evil, without really explaining much other than everyone is so terrified of them they will kill themselves rather than face them...

... and then the second episode completely changes characters and focuses on someone else in a completely different setting. Love it! Really bold storytelling.
we loved it, particularly how it jumps about in time without making it obvious and not explaining anything so just stay awake
we watched the series twice
Due to me having a lot of free time I’m giving this another chance.
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