Is this a Scam?
Website scam enquiry
So I think some dude was trying to scam me out of £8,000 earlier. I got some unsolicited email earlier about joining an union panel for work. I looked it up online and they had a website and what not - just a cursory glance around to see whether I would be arsed to click a link. Seemed ok at a glance so I get out my burner phone and click the link, again, seems legit, and I put in some details anyone could find out about me on the internet and leave my burner number.

I get a phone call.

The chap seems knowledgable about my industry and recent happenings and, he doesn’t want any money to refer me some work. At first. Then he starts talking about making a donation to the union. Hmmm. How do I feel about £8,000? Hmmm. I’m non-committal but he’s emails me some paperwork that, again, looks...ok. So I email him and say “ok, get me on this panel then” just to see what happens. Then I get this email:

We can now move forward and secure you a position for PI on the panel.

As discussed, to sit on our panel we require a little information for our panel setup team. Could you therefore complete the following form in order to assist in setting up your account. Once completed click “join panel now” button at the bottom of the page. As we move forward you can change your initial requirements as needed. As our membership grows. we can adapt our relationship to assist your controlled growth strategy.

Once your panel position is secured, my finance/panel team will be notified and a remittance advice notice will be generated and emailed to you as per what we agreed. Once this reaches us testing of the communication systems will commence immediately. It will take approximately a week or so to switch your panel position to live. Going forward, after the first year we will look at performance to ensure both you and our members are happy. Thereafter a further offer of two years panel membership could be presented to PI Support.

I hope this accurately reflects our discussion.


Colin Mahoney
General Secretary
logo (1)
The Worker’s Union
Union House, 111 Union Street, Coventry CV1 2NT
Tel: 02477 981194 Email: [email protected]
Visit website:

So it seems he wants me to click the link and fill in some details (what’s the betting that he wants a password too) and then he’ll send an invoice for £8000 AND THEN he’ll send me some work.

It all seems a bit suss. Is there anyone more tech savvy than me (cause I’m shit) that can do some Mr Robot on this shit and see if it’s bullshit? I mean, it all sounds bullshit anyway and I’d never send a single penny but I’m just interested if anyone knows anything about this kinda stuff.
Sounds legit from a technical perspective IMO, but I think you (or anyone) would have to be nucking futs to drop £8,000 just like that.
So the website isn’t trying to send you malware or some such?

Can you establish when it was setup?
It's just a contact form, just sends a message to them with all of the details you enter on it - no password required or anything.

Domain was registered on Christmas Eve 2010.

As forms go, it's a pretty specific one to be involved in any kind of phishing attempt.
Well, The Worker's Union doesn't appear to be a Union on the official list.

I'm not sure it's a malware / phising sort of scam, but I doubt you'd get anything out of it. For the General Secretary of a hard working union, he has jack-all about him on the internet, no news or interviews. Also, check their "Events" page - no actual events at all.
Their registered office address is one that belongs to Small Firms Services, which provides office registration/company formation services for small businesses.

Which might be an indicator of something scammy, but they've gone to a lot of effort with the content on that website so I'm unconvinced.
It’s a scam. It’s always a scam.
Use of Going Forward and writing the area code like that (it's 024, like London is 020 - never do business with people who don't know that basic thing)? I'm out.
Squirt wrote:
Well, The Worker's Union doesn't appear to be a Union on the official list.

I'm not sure it's a malware / phising sort of scam, but I doubt you'd get anything out of it. For the General Secretary of a hard working union, he has jack-all about him on the internet, no news or interviews. Also, check their "Events" page - no actual events at all.

He gave me some bullshit about the union being formed in the 1800’s etc etc and it’s true, there was a Worker’s Union and they’ve got a Wikipedia page but they seemed to have dissolved or merged into other stuff years ago.

Dammit, it must just be a really elaborate scam. I’d have loved to be working for a Union again though. For a moment I’d got my lil hopes up and thought wow my business might be able to flourish and I could employ people, give back to the community, get some tasty premises, have a receptionist, a male one, called Pedro, employ someone from BEEX to come and do some shit with ‘servers’ and ‘telephone lines’ and ‘internet’, give some cash to animal charities and... nope. Ruined in an afternoon. Tch.
Can I do the telephone and server stuff anyway?
I pay £2 per week to be a member of my union. £8k seems a little steep.
This bloke is chasing me for a reply to his email. I might question why he’s not on The List and see if I ever hear from him.
Do any Beexers live in Coventry? We should dispatch a surveillance team to his office to gather valuable Humint.
Plenty have gone there.
I'll happily go to Coventry for you.

It'll cost you 4 grand though.
So he’s just called me following my brief email saying “Why ain’t you on this list of approved unions?” and linking the list.

It’s a withheld number and I leave it to voicemail. He completely ignores my email to him and leaves a message saying “Can you click on that link and fill out your details? Also can you acknowledge my email of earlier?”

I’ve checked him out on LinkedIn too:

He’s worked for a firm of solicitors who did union work according to his profile, which goes a long way to explain why he knew so much about the business. There’s no other person or listing for The Workers Union on LinkedIN suspiciously, especially considering it was established in the 1800’s Mr Union Man. Oh and he’s apparently designed a mobile phone app - so this probably explains the website too. Hmmm.

Weirdly he’s also listed himself as General Secretary for National Pothole Day. The whole day.
Hmmm, he says this now.


To clarify, we are a general union and have been since inception. The Certification Officer does not require any general or trade union to register as it is voluntary and not compulsory registration as is the misconception. The fees paid to be included on this official listing are prohibitive, given that very little is gained by our members and membership. As we don’t spend inordinate amounts of our members fees on lunches, dinners and expensive conferences, I believe that until we reach the membership levels of say Unite, Unison or The GMB then these fees and inclusion to the CO are not necessary at present.

As discussed, we are not a behemoth of a union nor do we want to be. If however you have decided, after further due diligence, that this is something you still wish to peruse then I must advise that our panel is nearing completion and once full will be closed.

I hope this helps
Of course their panel will be full soon. Chinny reckon
That's all full of reasonable argument until wish. Then ANGRY BASH PERUSE you'll miss out.
Ask him if you can talk to someone who is already on the panel, to see if they are happy with it. After all, if it's such a good opportunity they would be happy to recommend it I assume.
It’ll be him again in a false moustache
Or his twin brother
But if you ask him if its really him, then legally he has to say yes, otherwise it is entrapment.
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