iPhone 5 on giffgaff
Hi folks,

My stepdad’s phone battery has just expanded in his phone and isn’t working. It’s an iPhone 5 something and my ma is looking on eBay for a replacement BUT she’s a bit stuck as he’s on giffgaff and most are locked to a network. There’s one that is locked to o2 and she asked if that would work as giffgaff (which he is on) are a part of o2. Does anybody know? (I know that you can get them unlocked but I think it would cost as much as just replacing his phone so would like to avoid that if possible).
Giffgaff isn’t a part of O2, they just use their network, like Virgin Mobile does. I don’t think it’ll work if it’s locked to O2 and using a Giffgaff sim, but happy to be proved wrong.
Ah damn, ok. Thank you anyway x
Having said that, I’ve just looked it up and they’re owned by Telefónica, who also own O2. So now I don’t know what to think.
Mr Chonks wrote:
Having said that, I’ve just looked it up and they’re owned by Telefónica, who also own O2. So now I don’t know what to think.

Think quickly!
I doubt if it’d work now if it wouldn’t have worked before. I thought I’d best check as she was hoping it’d work but I was sure they were pretty inflexible.
I cant answer your question but ....

I've found most of the time the price you'll pay from some of the online shops who do trade-in's is pretty much the same price as a regular sale on ebay

So have a look at for example Music Magpie

https://store.musicmagpie.co.uk/categor ... /iphone-5/

There are iphone 5's there for about £60 unlocked - that will come with a warranty and is not that much more than the typical ones that are selling right now on ebay (once you add in postage)
Might be worth looking in CEX. As you get a 2 year warranty.
I think both those would likely be too expensive. The one she was looking at was only £14 and (supposedly) in full working order. Thanks though, folks. I just wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to waste all her money on something she’d tgen have to chuck more money after so the advice is much appreciated :)
Superb. Thank you!!
Mimi wrote:
Superb. Thank you!!

Pretty sure Helen's 6S is locked to O2 and she's on GiffGaff
Just spotted this for sale elsewhere from one of the regulars.

https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/ ... old-boxed-£75/

The SE looks like an iPhone 5 but is 3 generations newer so runs current iOS.
I can’t see that :( I tried signing up but I guess it needs manual approval.
Here you go.
If it looks like it might be of interest I could PM the seller for you till your sign up is processed.
Ah, thank you. I’ve asked them and they are going to leave it for a bit as he’s between two surgeries so not at work a while yet (so not in as much need of it as he would be if he was out all day). I’m tempted to buy it anyway so they have it. Usually they get the old models as my brothers upgrade. Need to poke one of them to get a new phone :p
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