Headphones and bluetooth

I have a phone without a headphone socket, and I have a pair of headphones I love (the ones that Grim... recommended me a few years ago) and I want to keep using them. surely someone must sell some kind of rechargeable little Bluetooth connector that is basically a battery and blue tooth connection with a headphone socket in it so you can use standard headphones, right?

If so, what might that be called as none of my searches are turning anything up.
This should do the job I'd have thought, though might be ungainly on your headphones

[url]Anker Soundsync Bluetooth Receiver for Music Streaming with Bluetooth 5.0, 12-Hour Battery Life, Handsfree Calls, Dual Device Connection, for Car, Home Stereo, Headphones, Speakers https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07H5C2BQX/ ... rDbFHSFTWP[/url]
That’s what I’m looking for, and I have an Anker Bluetooth speaker that is just purely excellent, so I feel confident in that brand. I don’t think it would be ungainly. Usually I’d have carried my phone in my bag and had the headphone eire coming out of it. Now I can just pop that into my bag (or pocket even). It looks smaller than my phone and will fit in my pocket and my phone can just be in my bag as usual. Mostly, though, I’ll just be using it at home.

Thank you very much. I just had a complete blind spot in what I needed to search for.
I've got an AUKEY one that's a bit cheaper and does the job nicely. It's teeny (about 4x4x1cm), and I get the feeling that Anker one will be even smaller. Apart from the wrong-end 3.5mm jack that the picture has stuck to it for some reason!oh, another picture shows that's removable, never mind!
https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00O8GASEA/ ... rDb7CSHQHE
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