Friday Game
In your face!

4m14s was my time, that was really hard work.
There is no such thing
Ha, I was playing this yesterday. Utterly brilliant.
I also played yesterday. It made me incredibly cross.
I only got to the second screen when I saw it yesterday. I didn’t quite feel Cross, but extremely frustrated and almost anxious. That ‘send to bottom’ bit, when it zoomed back up, just made me ’nope’ and give up before I tried any further,
6min15, and that was on my phone

It was fun, and annoying. Cleverly done
what sort of hell is this?
I've seen worse.
Gaz showed me last night and I said I would send it to clients as a "what not to do" but some of them would probably use it as inspiration. :S
Fuck it. see my sig.
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