Sleep and snoring

Russell is right  29%  [ 14 ]
Russell is right  29%  [ 14 ]
Shut up, Russell  29%  [ 14 ]
Russell is right  4%  [ 2 ]
Russell is right  4%  [ 2 ]
Russell is right  4%  [ 2 ]
Total votes : 48
Last night I got about an hour’s sleep because Russell had been in Manchester at some shindig the night before and then out clubbing until the early hours, and this made Russell snore. Really loudly. All night.

Because I have had just one hour of sleep I feel awful.

Russell also is tired and claims that this is because “he has had the same amount of sleep as me last night because thoigh he was sleeping when he was snoring This meant it could not be ‘restful sleep’.

I am quite angry.
Why are the polls so broken?

So, you can’t edit polls
It’s because I’m right.
When I snore, the furniture is in a different place when I wake up.
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