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Apologies if there's already a topic for live comedy, but couldn't see one. May be a useful thing ahead of the Fringe, at any rate.

I don't see loads of comedy, probably a few shows a year, but I saw some brilliant stuff this weekend.

Friday night I caught Neil Hamburger in Soho. He felt like a kindred spirit when I'm at my most self-loathing. Very funny and only slightly depressing.

On Saturday, there was day-time comedy in Preston Park - I bought the tickets for Sarah Pascoe and Zoe Lyons, but it was Nina Conti who stole the show.

She's been doing human puppetry for a few years now but I'd never seen it before.

It was fucking brilliant. The skill and wit this must take to keep it all together is mind-blowing (not least because she herself is a character she must play on stage too).

Would highly recommend catching her if she's playing near you.

Top banana. I was thinking of going to the Aberystwyth comedy festival later in the year. But there aren't that many acts, and most of them I'm unsure about. A bonus, then, to find that two of them, Tarot and Goose are doing Edinburgh previews for £4, and I can go tomorrow (25th June). Betsey Trotwood, North London. I'll let you know if it's any good at all.
Nina Conti is very, very good.
I have an spare download code to Tony Law's latest show "A Lost Show" on GoFasterStripe if anyone wants it. I couldn't resist buying another headband :)
Lots of 'medians are making an online 'medy show for these shoite toimes.

Star at Home Comedy Club.
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