My friend is getting rid of a load of old pc & console games
Would anyone be interested in taking them off his hands for a small fee? ... w/htmlview

He has a Facebook post here ... =597282396

I guess leave a comment on there if you're interested
Would he be willing to sell some bits separately or is he wanting to get rid of the lot in one go?
I'm sure he'll be fine with any offer. I can't imagine he's expecting someone to take it all.
That Facebook link doesn't work for me.
It didn't work for me either... Never mind, I'll email him now. Thanks Malc!
Where is he? I’d definitely be interested.
He lives in Exeter in Devon. I'm sure he'll come to some arrangements over delivery. I'll shout at him to make the FB post public, although it just really has the link to the Google sheet.
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