Collofest - 21st June 2019
In memory of my dad
On Friday the 21st June, myself and a few of my family are holding 'Collofest'.

This is a night in memory of my dad who passed away last year from Cancer. The night is being held at the Penn Bowling club in Wolverhampton and it will feature his old band doing a set and also my old band. We're doing it all to raise money for Compton Hospice (who looked after him in his final weeks) and also for Prostate Cancer UK.

On the night we'll be auctioning off one of his paintings, having a raffle with the star prize being one of his guitars and we'll also have 'Prize or Pap'. This will be a lucky dip of gift bags with a prize every time... It might be a prize, it might be pap! We've got some other things planned too but it would be great to see as many people as possible there.

Tickets are £5 each with all the money being split between the two charities.

We've also set up a fundraising page on Facebook which you can see here. ... 158461163/

This is for people who can't make it but would still like to contribute. We originally set it up as a couple of people said they can't make it but would still buy a ticket.

We've set a target of £1000 for the night so hopefully we'll achieve that. We're already well on our way and the support I've had from friends and family has been fantastic!

I know it's a bit of a journey for a lot of you, but I have nothing to lose by mentioning it here and your support, moral or otherwise would be very much appreciated.
What a fantastic way to honour your dad’s memory and legacy.
Thank you Mimi!

And thank you and Devilman for your donations. It's very much appreciated!
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