What gaming moments made your toes curl?
Don't be perverted.
OK earlier today I was reading a nice article over at Bit-tech about Left 4 Dead.

https://www.bit-tech.net/features/10-ye ... -4-dead/1/

And I saw this screen shot.


And it made the hairs on my neck stand up. Back then I was into 3dvision in a bad way. And when I say bad, I mean like 90% of the time it was bad. However, there were certain moments in that particular game that were literally the pinnacle of gloriousness.

First when you stood in a dusty/musty house you could see the dust particles floating around, which was amazing in 3d. I literally wanted to sneeze. Then the absolute best part? the pic above. Throw a pipe bomb, get as close as you dare (without blowing yourself up) and then watch the chunks fly. It was absolutely incredible. Really did feel like you were going to get peppered with arms and legs.

Which then led to me thinking even more, and thinking about gaming moments that literally took my breath away.

For example, seeing Mario in full 3D in Mario 64. Just sitting there with my jaw on the ground as he fidgeted before finally going to sleep (ah spaghetti, ah ravioooli, ah mama mia ! *snore*)

And then of course who can ever forget that moment when you first walk out of the vault in FO3 having never seen it or done so before. OMG that was a complete sensory overload for me !

Then we have moments such as the first character interaction in Half Life.

So, what were some of your best gaming moments where you got them feels?
That time "I" farted in try not to fart.

That's fine. Just always remember this.....

Not toe curling, but I was laughing so god damned hard I couldn't do the moves.
Spoilers ahead.

ICO probably has the best moment for me. You return to the starter area and fight waves of shadow creatures only to realise you’re been fighting the demon ghosts of the children who died in that room all along and weren’t fortunate to escape like the player character.

Shit, even Shadow of the Collosus, when you kill any of the Collossi against a background music filled with regret and sorrow. Or when the girl wakes up but only after you’ve turned into a monster.

Shiiiiit, or The Last Guardian when you reach the top of the tallest building and the sun starts to set as your mate is torn apart by his mind controlled brothers and sisters.

Shiiiiiiiit, or Killer7 when you reach the motel and everyone is dead. Literally dead. You’ve been dead all along. Except for Garcia. Because he killed you all. Mind fucked.

Shiiiiiiiiiiit, or The Last Ninja when you reach the palace gardens and this beautiful synth track kicks in and sends chills up your spine.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, or GTAV when you steal your first (proper) car and the roof of the car peels back as NWA’s Appetite for Destruction just comes belting on and you spin the tyres feeling like a fucking G.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, or Demon’s Souls when you defeat the first boss after hours of playing and discover you’re about 10 foot from where you started. Or Dark Souls when you reach Anor Londo as the sun is setting. Or Dark Souls 3 when you reach Anor Londo to discover its fucked and the boss is eating a god. Or Dark Souls 3 DLC when you reach world’s end and discover everything is slipping into a void. Just...collapsing inwards. The world is ending. Forever. Just amazing.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit or etc.
This isn't what toe curling means.
I don't get the premise.
Would it be better if it were 'gaming moments that made the hairs stand up on the back of your neck'?

Or similar.
Gaming moments that made you go "huh"
Things that make you go hmmmmm
Things that make you go hmmmm?
Things that make you go hmmmm, hey
Things that make you go hmm... Hmm? Hmm.
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