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I'm assuming a few of you have played this? If not, I really recommend it. It only takes a few hours to play through and it is... interesting, to say the least!
It's given me something to do this lazy Sunday anyway, and it's a free download.
It's pretty incredible indeed. I gave it a full review somewhere on Beex if anyone wants to search it out, but the short opinion is that it seems like nonsense for a while and then turns into something else indeed. Just. Play. It.
The ideal situation is to go in knowing nothing at all about it, however if you do that, then there is no way I would have played through the first hour, as it really isn't my type of game at all on the surface.
That's it's downfall really, and probably why it isn't that well known, it hides itself too well.

So, don't read anything about it (other than this), just play it, and know that it isn't everything it seems.
Yes. Twas excellent
Hell yes. This was really something special.

Strong agree about the first bit taking too long, though.
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