Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Not much to report about this and I look forward to someone starting a duplicate topic about it later on down the line.

Things we do know:

  • Fuller reveal on April 27th.
  • Release on September 14th.
  • PC, Xbone and PS4 simultaneous release rather than the timed exclusive bullshit from last time round.
  • The Tomb Raider website has some related 'puzzle' you can play starting on Monday, though fuck knows what's involved or whether it'll be worth your time.

Suggestions of a comedy subtitle for the topic gratefully received.

Bamba wrote:
Suggestions of a comedy subtitle for the topic gratefully received.

And a packet of crypts
Why would you raid a shadow?
Polygonal Umbra-wear
Cras wrote:
And a packet of crypts

Everything I hate about the previous games returns:

“Character” “development”
Now with added “companion”

Plus the usual

Highlighting stuff (and a “skill” to make the highlighting stuff last longer LIKE IT SHOULD ANYWAY because pressing the fucking button every 10 seconds is fucking exhausting. Surely there’s a better was to highlight objects in the image without having to make you keep pressing the sodding button? Like most other games already have. I’m tired of “detective vision”.
Crap camera (why does it keep trying to jostle control from me. Leave me the fuck alone)
“Talking” to locals.
Cutscene ends and you walk 5 yards into another cutscene
And longer cutscenes like we give two fucks what Lara is talking about.
And because this is the third in the series it has to revamp the menus AGAIN but make them worse than what’s gone before. I’ve no idea why they try and make the menus so obtuse just so they look prettier. The devs must have been playing the Call of Duty games...
And also dialogue errors where people talk over each other and passing invisible lines breaking dialogue instantly mid-sentence and forcing another line of dialogue.
The “companion” saying “I’ll wait here and see what I can find”. They never find anything and this twenty-something gets shot at by 50 death arrows. This happens more than once. The companion is a cunt.
Stupid game tried to introduce its new stealth mechanics (you smear mud on your face and then can stand next to alarmingly placed mud walls).

It had already given me a gun. Everyone died in seconds.

And after Lara has murdered no less than 12 men she descends into an underground tomb where two lone soldiers lie dead on the ground. “It’s a slaughter” she proclaims, the irony somehow completely lost on her.
Stealth mission where the enemies are fish.
Holy fuck, an unskippable cutscene. I thought it was just loading the next area but, no, it’s a forced cutscene because blah blah blah fucking blah. It’s weird cause I’ve skipped others but nope you’ve got to watch this crap where Lara gets a new jumper and there’s yet another secret village.

Amazingly after 3 games the devs haven’t realised that gamers don’t actually give a shit about exploring secret villages. Or walking slowly while someone yadda yaddas. Or talking to NPCs that are just scenery.
I never finished the first one—it bored me to tears.
I’m right there with this. Since I didn’t pay for it I’m afraid it’s getting thrown on the trash.

It’s just ... boring. The best thing I can say about it is that it’s very pretty and Lara’s voice is very pleasing. I’d like her to whisper details of her laundry into my ear.
I loved the two previous games but was very disappointed with this one. I finished it but couldn't be fucked 100%ing it which I really enjoyed doing with the other two
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