Bojack Horseman
Series 5 starts 14/9/18
Bojack is really good, but his swimming pool is wrong.
Netflix emailed me about it, I am excited.

I just really, really hope they've kept the quality up.
Grim... wrote:
Bojack is really good, but his swimming pool is wrong.

I thought it was just me that had noticed this.
Grim... wrote:

Ah, I am glad I shared this pain. Cannot unsee.
God I love this bombshell from Mr Peanutbutter of all people "The universe is a cruel uncaring void. The key to being happy isn't to search for meaning, it's to just keep yourself busy with unimportant nonsense and eventually you'll be dead."
Dear God, this is pretty dark.
I've watched the first seven. It gets darker, but they've used a pretty lazy hook for the season arc.

Spoiler for the Todd episode:
ZOMG Spoiler! Click here to view!
Long lost daughter?
Only three episodes into the new season so far but I'd be lying if I said it was setting my world on fire.

I don't mind the darker shades but they seem to have forgotten to put sufficient laughs in, and I'm finding myself not overly invested in the characters either, which hasn't happened before.

Hopefully it'll get better now that:

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They're all back in Hollywoo.
There's some episodes that I really enjoyed because it made me desperately sad:-

No deets spoilers but kinda spoilers because I mention what's in an episode.

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The one which starts with Princess Caroline's child from the future narrating her day. The last line of the episode got me right in the feels. Episode 9 I think.

The flashback episode for Bo Jays mom - episode 11. Also the feels.

Oh and the words he says to his mother at the end of (must have been episode 10) when they're in the car and when he puts her in a new home. Goddamn nasty shit that was.

The last episode was a bit gash, mind.

Oh and the one where you hear Bo J talking to himself. That was a good episode.
Episodes 4 and 5, much better, why did they start off with the strange episodes 1-3? (3 was good (not great) but 1 and 2 just felt 'off' somehow, still OK, but this is me coming into Season 4 with the opinion that Bojack Horseman is one of the best things ever so I was surprised it wasn't amazing.)

Or maybe I was in the wrong mood, sometimes I get in weird moods and don't enjoy things I would normally enjoy.

Anyway, 4 and 5 were great, right on target. I will watch Episode 6 now. BINGE TIME.
Episode 6 was fantastic.

Were 4-5-6 that much better than 1-2-3, not sure, maybe I need to go back and watch them again.

ZOMG Spoiler! Click here to view!
But 1 and 2 were basically quite disjointed weren't they? Like all the characters were in the wrong places and weren't interacting with each other and stuff, and I see what they were trying to do (sort of) but I don't think it worked that well.

Loved 6 though:

ZOMG Spoiler! Click here to view!
The inner monologue theme and animation style were superb, and reminded me somewhat of the Fish Out Of Water episode from Season 3, which remains one of the best episodes of anything ever.
Finished the season last night and TBH felt it went off the boil a bit towards the end. For the first time whilst watching it I started to feel overtly emotionally manipulated, aspects of it seemed forced, and that constant alliteration thing they've put into it for no apparent reason was really starting to get on my tits. (Has it always been there? And so much of it? Yes I get that it's clever wordplay but it grated.)

755/100 for Season 4.

Seasons 1/2/3 get 925/1000.
The Princess Carolyn episode made me do a sad.
Lonewolves wrote:
The Princess Carolyn episode made me do a sad.

That was Episode 4 wasn't it? 4/5/6 were great after 1/2/3 not being great. Somewhere between 7 and 12 I started to feel it was just chucking sad/shocking/obvious pathos/lazy devices/etc into the mix without giving them any particular overall meaning or context. (Plus the fundamental 'hook' for the season was a bit soap opera-esque as well.)

It was still very much above average and a solidly entertaining watch, but the season just didn't soar like 1/2/3 did IMO.
Needs to be better than Season 4.
Good news but couldn’t they release it weekly. I know I’ll end up smashing through it in days and not appreciating it appropriately.
Did this happen?
Satsuma wrote:
Did this happen?

Yes, I really enjoyed it.
Didn't I write about it?


It was very good. The "Free Churros" episode is the 16th highest rated episode of all TV shows on IMDB right now.
Gosh. Being better than all but the top 14 West Wing episodes and Shindig is very impressive.
Episode 1: meh
Episode 2: very good
Episode 3: also very good
Episode 4: woke

This and more thrilling insights when I proclaim that I like an episode.
Season 5 was great: best since season 2.

Although does else think that Bojack is now the least interesting character and has already been comprehensively explored in 4 seasons. I’d like to see Bojack killed off and let the other cast come forward.
I'm seven episodes into Season 5 and it's not setting my world on fire. It could just be I'm a bit tired of it now and in reality the quality is still there, but it's more of another Season 4 in my books and not as good as Seasons 1-3.

You also have to wonder how far they can really explore the Bojack character, which is what Satsuma is getting at in his post there, but I'm not sure I'd particularly be interested to see any of the other characters take over as the focus.

I'll stick it out.
They done fucked up the intro for no reason. Idiots.
Ok, that was a very good 1/2 season.

I really liked the last episode and where they’re going with this story all of a sudden. Yeah, I cannot wait for the last half of the season.

This is the final season isn’t it? I think I heard that somewhere. Damn, all these series’ are ending and Game of Thrones turned out to be the one sodding programme that couldn’t stick the landing.
Yep. Said at the end of the last episode of this run that the “final episodes” are coming in Jan.
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