Mountain sports game
Really enjoying this one. It's going to be a game that stays in the collection for as long as I have the console because it feels so nice to play, the mountain scenery and the freedom. Perfect thing to unwind with.
Is it like SSX tricky? I loved that.
Tell me more Markg... This is on my radar but I need convincing.
MaliA wrote:
Is it like SSX tricky? I loved that.
Not really, it's more open and less emphasis on tricks and scores etc.

TheVision wrote:
Tell me more Markg... This is on my radar but I need convincing.
It's a huge mountain area with no loading times so you basically just explore on skis, snowboard, paraglider or wingsuit. In terms of how it feels to play it's more like EA Skate but without any of the difficulty. It's not trying to be a simulator or anything but it simulates the feeling of snowboarding just as well as skate does skateboarding. i.e. just looking around and deciding what it would be fun to try doing rather than having someone tell you. There are contests and races etc. and I've done a few but mostly I've just been blasting around. It's lovely e.g. to see a spot that looks like it would be fun to bomb down and then have a chilled few minutes flying your paraglider up there. Instant restarts too so after you have spent all that time flying up if you then BASE jump straight into a rock it'll start you off right where you last changed sports.
Nice. Think you've sold this one to me.
I am certainly intrigued.
*Looks on Amazon*


That's a bit... er...
I was literally just about to make that joke. But I think it'll be one of those that won't stay full price for very long at all.
Yeah, good chance it'll drop quickly.
Zardoz wrote:
Yeah, good chance it'll drop quickly.

It can't mountain its high price, that's for sure.
Stop this, it's no joke.
I reckon the price peaked a couple of days ago. When it gets cheaper there'll be a flurry of sales.
Some really flakey puns now.

Keep posts on topic, stop drifting off.
Screw you guys. I'm off to avalanche of chicken chow mein and chips.
Mark is getting piste off now.
Are you sure he's not just board?
A pun-fest is a slippery slope
Are you saying it's all downhill from here?
Ah. Had excactly this feeling. One proce drop and i pick it up
vte. Which height does the gold edition reach?
Not sure what you mean. It has some extra stuff like sledging and base jumping and some stuff that you'll get enough credits to buy within the first hour.

One minor piss-boiler is that it because of all the online gubbins it always seems to kick you back to the main menu when you suspend the game on PS4. Got so used to that feature, just being able to have a quick blast on something.
The Xbox One has that suspend feature but like the PS4, it's very hit and miss. I remember the frame rate dropping to 3 or 4fps on Shadow of Mordor and the audio going out of sync on Quantum Break.

I basically have zero faith in the Xbox One doing what it's actually supposed to do.
thanx, ordered now, delivery was only 2 pounds too
Still £42 on the Xbox one... Pah.
... And now it's £24.99. I've got a £30 voucher from my birthday so that'll do nicely.
Just seen a TV ad for GAME selling this for £25
Pretty sure Ubisoft are circling the drain, this being a sales flop, and that Assassin's Creed movie also being a flop are probably going to be the straw that breaks the camels back, and they succumb to that hostile takeover.
Has the movie flopped already? Has it been released yet?
DavPaz wrote:
Has the movie flopped already? Has it been released yet?

Nah I'm just guessing.
When has a video game movie ever done well?
Mr Dave wrote:
When has a video game movie ever done well?

I thought DOA: Dead or Alive was very well done and is an excellent piece of cinematography.

EDIT: see

Was that basically the one with all the breasts?

Edit: never mind, saw the Youtube preview.
Anyway, Steep... I played this for the first time last night and I thought it looked lovely! The graphics are superb and the mountains really do make you feel cold.

I thought I'd have a lonely feeling while I was mucking about but I really didn't. There's loads of markers and people to race and there's a huge amount of mountain to discover. I was zooming out of the map screen and it just kept going and going.

I'm not sure on the longevity of the game as there's only 4 different modes of transport that I can see so far but still, that suits me and my limited gaming time. So far, I like it.
For me game of the uear. At least game of the holydays. No white christmas here. But it is on my ps4. And saw some fellow players in xmas outfit
Sorry I didn't take up your invitation last night. I had a friend round and we were taking turns. I love this game so much, though. One thing on my wish list so far would be first person view for the wingsuit flying but without the camera shake, it breaks all immersion and makes it unpleasant to play that way. The only other criticism and I don't know how it could be addressed is that once you are plummeting down the side of a mountain there is nothing to give you a reference as to the gradient, it can feel as though you're inexplicably accelerating across a flat snow field. Only when you go to the replay or stop and look around can you see just how steep it is. Minor quibbles though really. It's brilliant and has left me feeling desperate to go snowboarding again before it's too late and I'm too old. It has also reaffirmed my opinion that proximity wingsuit flying is just for absolute mentals.
For what it's worth, Assassin's Creed had a first week box office take of $22.6m on a production budget of $125m.
LewieP wrote:
For what it's worth, Assassin's Creed had a first week box office take of $22.6m on a production budget of $125m.

Only had a dabble so far but this is lovely.

Finishing an event but carving on down the mountain rather than selecting the next one because you're hipnotised by the sunset.

Spent the morning trying to get the most 'G' force on one challenge

can we make a party trying to fall together, that would be amazing..
This is on its way to me via Amazon, and I'm excited to play it.

Looking forward to just taking my time with it and it being quite relaxing - I know it's not like SSX but even in that I wasn't always interested in racing or whatever, and sometimes just wanted to enjoy hurtling down a lovely snowy mountain just because it's there and it's snow.
Really enjoying this. Perfect kind of game for me at the moment, nothing too time consuming, just right for a couple of quick runs.

Still can't beat your wingsuit run, Mark! I've added a couple of challenges myself now (I think :D)
Yeah, I saw your wingsuit one last night. I think because of the way it drops the checkpoints in at the turns if you fly fairly straight lines then it can be pretty difficult to beat them. I still beat yours obv but only by about 1/10th of a second after a few goes. Marvellous game, not played anything else since I got it.
Exciting times in your speed-wingsuit yards, we are all within .2 secs...

currently endlessly playing the challenge o the bobsleigh track..
By the way, Amazon have sent my copy of this but it's not buggering here yet.

When I track it, it's still saying "arriving today", which I am struggling to believe. :(
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