Death Stranding
Can Hideo it?
New trailer! Mads Mikkelsen!

This could be the best thing since Silent Hill 2, but of course it remains to be seen if there is any actual game worth playing.
New trailer available at yootoob.

What the fuckity-fucksticks was that?
Huh, is Lea Seydoux a new addition to the cast or have I just never noticed that before? I'm much more interested in this than I ever was in any of his previous games because (a) it genuinely looks interesting and (b) the cut down cast will hopefully cripple his tendency to stuff games full of stupidly named characters and just loads of idiotic nonsense in general (though it hasn't stopped him saddling it with a name that reads like it's been put through Google Translate ten times). I do fully expect the story to slowly break down into utterly incomprehensible bollocks as the game progresses mind.
It looks pretty incomprehensible to begin with.
Looks weird.

I'm in.
Looks fucking brilliant. Probably.

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