Death Stranding
Can Hideo it?
New trailer! Mads Mikkelsen!

This could be the best thing since Silent Hill 2, but of course it remains to be seen if there is any actual game worth playing.
New trailer available at yootoob.

What the fuckity-fucksticks was that?
Huh, is Lea Seydoux a new addition to the cast or have I just never noticed that before? I'm much more interested in this than I ever was in any of his previous games because (a) it genuinely looks interesting and (b) the cut down cast will hopefully cripple his tendency to stuff games full of stupidly named characters and just loads of idiotic nonsense in general (though it hasn't stopped him saddling it with a name that reads like it's been put through Google Translate ten times). I do fully expect the story to slowly break down into utterly incomprehensible bollocks as the game progresses mind.
It looks pretty incomprehensible to begin with.
Looks weird.

I'm in.
Looks fucking brilliant. Probably.

“Gameplay” footage.

From this we learn some gameplay mechanics such as:

1) You’ve got a baby strapped to your chest. If he gets upset you can rock him to sleep using the motion controls on the DualShock.
2) Weight will be a factor you’ve got to take account of. Looks like carrying a bunch of stuff is a main mechanic.
3) Piss will build up over time so you’ve got to take a piss every now and again. Millimetres of piss that your bladder is holding is measured.

Sounds like a typical Kojima game to me.

We're still mostly knee deep in character trailers and gimmicky bullshit in terms of what's actually being shown off, I'm reserving judgement until more details of the actual game become clear (though none of the gameplay stuff I've seen so far looks particularly interesting). It'll be interesting to see though whether he's capable of writing a vaguely coherent narrative when not weighed down by decades of deep lore; or if the story will just instantly fuck itself to death in a shower of po-faced but accidentally hilarious jibber-jabber.
Review embargo is up and they're all published. It's being received very well, but reading about the actual gameplay mechanics has done nothing at all to persuade me I should be interested in it. ... rand-folly ... 0-6417358/ ... 8760.phtml (I wouldn't usually give much credence to Destructoid as they're a pretty amateurish bunch but that review give more details about the actual game mechanics than I've seen elsewhere)
I'll definitely check this out at some point when it's cheap. ... 4530991104

The reviews I’ve seen on the reddit list are either 6’s or 10’s, which with modern reviewing standards means people think it’s utter shit or OMFG HIDEO AMAZING GENIUS GODZ!!!1!!

I’m getting MGS4 vibes here.
Yeah, it'll be a load of absolute babbling fucking nonsense, but in some ways interesting babbling nonsense. Some games I don't really have to enjoy playing all that much in order to still like them if that makes sense. But I'm only interested in paying a tenner tops for the experience. I'm glad that he's able to make stuff like this, though.
Inside Gaming state that it takes four hours before you even reach anything resembling actual gameplay

Jesus Christ, yup, this will be MGS4 again, mark my words.
At least it sounds interesting. I'll be having a go when it's cheap.
I still haven’t played Phantom Pain
Have you defeated the last boss on Doom?
Satsuma wrote:
Have you defeated the last boss on Doom?

Is he the last boss? I should probably replay that chapter
Y’know when a game is so hyped and a bit weird that there’s endless posts about it? It’s all over Twatter, Reddit and what not that it’s become so hard to avoid a single spoiler and I’d rather go in blind; so I’ve got it. Tch.

Here’s the highlights:

2 hours “played” = 21 minutes actually playing
Times Hideo’s name has come up = 3

Mind you, erm, it’s been, um, ok fine I’m really interested in what’s going on. It’s so weird and strange and the playing bit looks to be so different and slow that I can’t wait to see where this is going. Norman Reedus has probably said more lines of dialogue than his entire run in TWD. And the story seems infinitely more interesting at a glance than the MGS stuff. Might be crap though: I’ll find out when it actually lets me play the bloody thing.
I've ended up watching a good chunk of a playthrough of it; generally by skipping over the actual 'gameplay' to get to the few set pieces and the actual plot. It's very, very high concept sci-fi but nothing like as fucking stupid as the Metal Gear stuff and actually quite engaging with some interesting idea (so far, it could well go utterly off the rails as things start to wind up). The actual game part of the game though can absolutely go take a flying fuck to itself. It's just hours and hours and hours and hours of inventory micro-management and walking. You can get vehicles at times but driving for miles is no more engaging that walking for miles. Absolute nonsense.
I have finished THE OUTER WORLDS so I will be starting this shortly.

Even though I've read and watched loads of reviews of DEATH STRANDING, I still don't really know what to expect, I don't know how it'll make me feel and how I'll get on interacting with the game and its world, and for that alone it's properly piqued my interest.

With most games it's possible to have a pretty good idea of what to expect and whether or not you'll like it before playing it, with this, and despite the fact I'm fully aware of the fact that there really is an awful lot of 'just walking', I honestly have no idea.
Oh, and it continues to be true that any time Kojima wants to name a character his entire team should just kick him in the balls instead. The cast has to stand there and say their lines as if Heartman, Deadman and Die Hardman were actually the sort of thing a grown ass man should seriously christen characters in his serious story. In fact if fucking Grown Assman was actually introduced in the later chapters as a new player in the story I wouldn't be in the slightest bit surprised. Jesus shitting Christ.
I actually quite like the fact that the game has been created around a singularity of vision, even if that vision is perhaps rooted up its creator's own bumhole. It's such a rare thing in 'big' modern videogames.

It's entirely possible I'll end up hating it, but I really want to give it a go.
I keep seeing that phrase, singularity of vision, and stuff like it as if it matters. The outcome is the point, not how many people were involved. And if it's stupid it's fucking stupid regardless of whether it's the stupidity of a single person or a whole committee.
I'll put you in the 'glass half empty' category then :)

Anyway, I'll be giving it a go once Mrs Hearthly and Jnr have retired upstairs for the evening.
Foot delivery whilst keeping your balance trying not to drop things, take a piss and every now and then shake your controller sim.

I'll pass. I've tried desperately to understand this and put it into context and all I can come up with is the above.

It looks stunning and I've got a thing for ladies with short hair but yeah, I'm not paying sixty quid for this.

The new Star Wars looks much better.
Well it kept me playing all night, and I really rather enjoyed it.

The first time Sam nearly falls over is quite something, I've never experienced anything like that in a game before.

The graphics, music and sound do quite a lot of the heavy lifting (holy fuck the game is a looker) - but I honestly enjoyed just walking from one place to another with my packages.
One thing you won’t get from watching YouTube is how well and often it uses the rumble feature.
Satsuma wrote:
One thing you won’t get from watching YouTube is how well and often it uses the rumble feature.


TBH I was quite enthralled with it last night, I've never played or experienced the likes of it before.
The first time Sam nearly falls over is quite something, I've never experienced anything like that in a game before.

I've never played or experienced the likes of it before.

Sounds like you’ve never played or experienced anything like this game.

Because you’ve never played Shadow of the Collosus, I’d wager.
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