Titanfall 2
For Xbox One / PS4 / PC

June 12th for 'reveal' which must be E3 time ?
Given how quickly Titanfall appeared to die...
I quite enjoyed the first one but I did find it very hard. Even the horse mode was hard and as soon as the Nuke Titans turned up, you had no chance.
I'd like a single player campaign. The first game had plenty of elements that would suit one, I think.
There definitely wasn't enough horses in the first one.
Well the single player stuff looks like every other boring cinematic FPS. Shame.
Did anyone here play the first one? I never even bothered with the free trial.
I played the first one a fair bit. Mainly on the horde mode with 3 of my friends.

It was very hard but extremely satisfying and the mechs controlled brilliantly. As Lewie has said, it is pretty much bog standard in many respects but that shouldn’t mean it’s a bad game. Not at all, it's actually very enjoyable.

The only thing missing from the first was single player campaign so yeah, I’m kind of interested in the 2nd one. I think it’ll be one of those games to pick up when it’s £20.
I played quite a bit (up to first prestige i think) of the first one on the PC , and it was good fun and the movement mechanics were new and different but we've now had multiple COD's doing the same thing.

The main problems with the first one were - lack of player population - lack of map selection (there was an issue with keeping getting the same maps over and over again) - and a few problems with 'too powerful high up weapons' where some of the later weapons with unlocks were quite a bit more powerful than the standard ones.
I would have said that releasing on PS4 would solve the player population issue, but they've sandwiched it's release right between COD and BF, which is a bizarre decision.

Probably would have had more players on PC if they put it on Steam, too.
Well. I've had a go now. It's basically a newer 'wall-runny' CoD with big stompy robots. and it says something that the mode I liked the most was the one without the big stompy robots.
But how will it run on my PS4 Amateur?
I thought that link was going to be the one where they have said all new maps / all new weapon unlocks / all new game modes will be free (so no season pass)

I've played a few multiplayer matches and its fun - and i've done one mission of the campaign mode which again seems as if it at least has a story and gets you use to the traversal and weapon options available.
I've made up my mind after playing the betas for this year end's FPS' and I'm going to get this.

Titanfall was different enough to be fun whereas CoD was utter dogshit. I'm interested in BR1, mind, but the multiplayer has never held my interest for longer than a few hours since I mainly FPS by my lonesome and BF1 is squad-based. Oh, and the unlocks in BF are always such a fucking time consuming chore.
The single player is amazing.
I've put my money where my mouth is and dolled out some cash money on this.
Saturnalian wrote:
I've put my money where my mouth is and dolled out some cash money on this.

I am tempted, by as with all Online FPSes I play them for a few weeks and never go back.
I'm not really tempted. It all looks a bit too CoD.
I've heard nothing but good about the single player campaign but my appetite for online games has really shrunk recently. This looks like it'll be £19.99 before too long so I'll pick it up then as I did enjoy the first one and thought it would have really benefited from a single player campaign.
Mr Biffo's review of the single player (sort of)

http://www.digitiser2000.com/main-page/ ... ion-tested


Or if you prefer a more traditional review here is Kotaku

http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2016/10/31/tita ... aku-review

And their attempt to sell you on the single player - how a typical encounter might go

I started the single player campaign last night and, as expected, it looks beautiful, runs fast and sharp, and the shooting is reet punchy and immediate. I only played it until I got into Optimus Prime and I was happy with what had happened so far.

I gave the multiplayer a crack too and that was just as fast and meaty as the campaign until the Titans start falling and then it turned into a fucking Royal Rumble of machines and pilots and grapple hooks and swinging about and things exploding. I must admit I was very impressed by the carnage. But once again the TTK seems incredibly low when it should be far higher so everyone can stay alive longer.

I felt like a badass sliding along popping my shotty. Blam blam. The best thing about Titanfall 2 so far is that it makes you feel awesome even though it's just a FPS. I'm sure it's got something to do with it being a stable 60fps because it's smooth as silk and the movement system feels great (especially compared to BLOPS3 and the IW beta) (not sure if I like it more than jetpacking whoosh whoosh of AW but the single player campaign in AW didn't let you burst around like a nutter like the multiplayer did. AW is about as close to Quake as you can get once you start belting around and stop playing it like another CoD).
Deffo gonna get this sooner or later.
I have set up a BeeX 'network' in Multiplayer.

Single player is like a quality puzzle platforms with meaty shooting layered on top.

I was smashing this yesterday. Everything is great: the movement, sliding, the grapple hook, Titans, the titan voices, the voiceover woman etc. It's groovy.

It's terrifying seeing a Titan bearing down on you as a pilot, but you jump about, wall run and grapple hook the big bastard and pull out a core knocking his health right down. It's immensely satisfying.

Or just being a lumbering Titan, chasing down tiny pilots with massive weapons or thrashing it out with enemy Titans, blocking their weapons, having a reet good dust up, swinging fists at metal faces or crushing an opponent with a devestating Titan on Titan finishing move. Or just smashing eject and flying hundreds of feet off the map.

Vee enjoyable dis is.
Yeah, it's so... Kinetic. When you're in the groove and chaining wall-runs, grappling hooks, double jumps and kills, it's exhilarating.
Then you get a Titan and it becomes, well a royal rumble. I didn't enjoy Titans in the beta. I get them now. Sometimes you end up taking on the world, and they're just not that powerful. Even a pilot or two can give you major problems if they're not stupid and have good cover.

Kicking ass in a Titan is reasonably uncommon. When it happens it is awesome. But that eject is inevitable, every bit of damage lasts, the only way to repair a Titan is using stolen batteries and they don't heal much. It's about doing as much damage as you can while it's up and running.
some footage what I ttok of the multiplayer.

*watches video*

I think YouTube is broken, I'm sure I played better than that.
This sound in the game is pretty damn good, isn't it? I mean, I'm just watching a video, but even then it really draws you in.
Yeah, the sound design is really good. The weapons sound really nice, which is unusual for a sci-fi game.

I like that the Titans each have different voices, and have multiple lines for the same situation. The CO barks are good like that, multiple lines for double kills etc. And as you level up, you get to change the CO, so if you find Briggs annoying, you can change to the Seeth Efrican guy.
Awooga, Awooga! Titanfall 2 is 35 quid in the PSN black Friday Sale!

Totally worth it at that price!
It's £19.99 in HMV tomorrow!

For the Xbox One...
TheVision wrote:
It's £19.99 in HMV tomorrow!

For the Xbox One...

It is? Damnit. No chance of being near one...
You ought to spoiler that to anyone who wants to go in blind. It's so left field when it happens, it feels marv.
Do not read that article! Just rest assured that that level is particularly awesome.
Christ, and I thought people flying around in CoDIW were annoying...

I find that doing lots of the parkour is painting a target on your back. It's awesome, and you can get around the map super fast, but it's also pretty easy to take someone wallrunning out.
Get it you fools!
Well, I've clocked up 4 days on the multiplayer. As in 98 ish hours playtime. So I've certainly got my money's worth

It reminds me of COD:MW1 (the one I liked most in multiplayer, before they overcomplicated it with loadout points buy systems and 18 trillion challenges) simple on the back-end, all action.
I've had this for a while as it part of a bundle deal with my PS4. However, due to having very limited time for playing games I only got around to trying it yesterday.

It's a bit good, has a lovely feel to the mechanics, has a non patronising tutorial baked in. The weapons feel suitably robust and do serious damage. I've not tried the MP as I don't have PS subscription or whatever it's called but I'm surprised you lot aren't all over this like a bad suit.
Released at wrong time, people won't risk it, and choose CoD instead. Even though the latest CoD is worse in every way.

If it released last week, people would be all over it.
I played it last night and I was wondering why I stopped playing Titanfall 2 when I could be playing more Titanfall 2. I ended up jumping 7 levels and it was bloody marv. It's gotta be my favourite MP at the moment.

I unlocked the softball which fires sticky grenades from a grenade launcher which was an absolute blast to play with. Fortunately they don't have a big blast radius (or at all) so you pretty much have to squish one on a players fat head. When I lost a match of pilot v pilot and the losing team had to escape back to the ship I was loitering around a hiding place until the other team came chasing us down and squibbed a bunch of them with this thing before they knew what was happening. Glorious.
I'm a level 49 pilot now.

I'm ace. So is Titanfall 2's multiplayer. I've got a video somewhere on the PS4, hang on a bit...
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