Indie games
So I went to a small gaming event which had a showcase, and thought it'd be nice to occasionally share cool-looking indie games which are either out/about to come out/need funding.

First stand out:

Lightening fast cyber-punk action

"Gunkatana is a game of two speeds: turbo fast and dead. Fast 'n' dangerous grind rails take you to your next kill, across neon-lit streets and rain-soaked cityscapes."

Image Image


This was probably my favourite. The demo was slick with 3/4 playable areas, super simple controls, and great artwork and animations. The pacing is absolutely insane which made it all the more fun. Felt like a multiplayer Hotline Miami.

They are looking to launch a Kickstarter to fund further development. Having spoken to the developer, I'd be happy to put my cash in.

More goodness from them: ... reenlight/

Will post the second stand-out later :)
Double posting!

Seraph is a skill based, acrobatic shooter that was released this week. The twist is that you aren't aiming, the character is, so your aim as the player is to position the Seraph in a way that optimises them to shoot enemies plus keeps them from getting hurt.

It's currently £8~ on Steam, and coming out on PS4 soon. There's a bunch of live streamers playing now, and the gameplay looks super slick and beautiful. The story is intriguing as well, if that appeals to you.



I like this thread. I will keep an eye out for the PS4 version.
Yeah, Seraph looks very interesting.
Dr Lave wrote:
I like this thread. I will keep an eye out for the PS4 version.


I was very tempted by the price on Steam, but I tend to prefer console gaming cause I can loaf on my sofa. I can imagine it will be a similar price.
Seems a bit 2008 to differentiate games between being indie and not indie.
Oh man, Factorio looks like it could be an incredible timesink.

There's a demo on Steam, and it's pretty fantastic. Basically you crash on a planet, and have to build production lines until you have enough stuff to go home. It's more fun than I made it sound.
Stupid addictive Factorio.
Grim... wrote:
Stupid addictive Factorio.

3am? Oops!
Stupid addictive Factorio.
Stupid addictive Factorio.
Grim... wrote:
Stupid addictive Factorio.

What happened the night before last?
I can't remember, to be honest. What day was it?
Stupid addictive multiplayer Factorio.
Stupid addictive multiplayer Factorio.
You should both consider playing together
But Craser would do something dickish, like run a train line past the front door of an alien base so the trains run them over and they chase the train to your Skynet robotics station and rip the fucking thing down.

For example.
It was you that pissed them off!
Fuck off! I was in the train!
Which ran them over!
You put the tracks there!
That's where we needed to go!
Stupid addictive multiplayer Fact... You get the idea.
We've moved on from stupid addictive Factorio to stupid addictive RimWorld.

Basically you crash on a planet (like before) but rather than smashing together factories to build a way off the planet, you instead just try and fucking survive the winter.

Plant crops, hunt animals, build up your shelter, get raided, get the plague, get too cold, get too hot, get twatty survivors having an argument and punching each other to death, get a FUCKING BEAR TRAPPED IN YOUR STORE ROOM so you can't go in there any more, get mauled by an angry rabbit, and get told off when you shout "MOTHER FUCKER" at 3am because a fucking wolf killed your Yorkshire Terrier :'(

And that's before you take prisoners, and start thinking up ways to convince them that they were wrong. Like maybe giving them an uncomfortable bed, or not feeding them the nice food. Or amputating all their limbs except for a single arm and then dumping the corpse of their wife in their cell and cutting off their food supply so eventually they have to drag their way over and eat her rotting flesh.

For example.

RimWorld is fucking great.

[edit] Goodness I said "their" a lot in that fourth paragraph.
It's worth pointing out that RimWorld is in (spit) early access, but - according to the developers - "It's a complete game. We're just leaving it in early access so people know we're going to be adding more things."

Which is a bit odd, but there you go.
So its a complete game apart from the bits that they haven't added yet? Makes sense...
Rather like the release of Street Fighter V :)
My drug-addicted ex sex slave colonist had a psychotic break as a result of withdrawal, locked herself in her room and cut her own legs off.
Cras wrote:
My drug-addicted ex sex slave colonist had a psychotic break as a result of withdrawal, locked herself in her room and cut her own legs off.

Best out-of-context quote of today
Stupid addictive RimWorld.
I have a sow who lost all four hoofs to frostbite, and as such can't move. Her loving owner brings her food.

This doesn't in any way stop any of the male pigs from wandering over and impregnating her from time to time. Jesus Christ, Rimworld.
I am still completely obsessed with RimWorld. One of the best things about it is the massive and far-reaching mod support. So, even though I can't imagine anyone cares, here's a curated list of mods that I like and use. All are free through the Steam Workshop. Spoilered for length

ZOMG Spoiler! Click here to view!
Essential (dependencies)

Most Important (mostly QoL):
RIMHUD - nice colonist summary UI
EdB Prepare Carefully - fully customise starting colonists
Colony Manager - set a manager to assign certain tasks based on thresholds, like 'chop down trees if I have less than 500 wood'
Stacks XXL - bigger stacks. Bit cheaty, avoids storage room creep
Pick up and Haul - actually carry more than one thing at a time
Share the Load - more than one colonist can deliver materials to a construction site
RunAndGun - can shoot while moving for an accuracy penalty
Blueprints - duh
Show Draftees Weapon - actually see who's armed at the top of the screen
Mod Manager - improve the mod UI
While You're Up - do hauling jobs if pathing will take you past something
Where is my Weapon - a downed colonist goes and fetches their assigned gun again when healed
RuntimeGC - some hacky tools to speed up late game performance
Progress Renderer - automated hi-res screenshots
Job Splitter - micromanage job priorities in more detail
Colonist Bar KF 1.0 - at a glance info at the top of the screen
RIMMSLoadUp - a load of performance tweaks

Major content packs:
DubsHygiene - Water, bathrooms, heating
RimeFeller - Oil, refining
Giddy-up! Core - Animal Mounts
Giddy-up! Ride and Roll - auto mount something if you're going far
Giddy-up! Caravans - ride animals in caravans
Giddy-up! Battle Mounts - fight from animal back
A Dog Said - animal prosthetics
Hospitality - build guest rooms, recruit visitors, sell them shit
VGP Vegetable Garden - improved farming. Has a load of sub-mods for content
Misc Robots/Misc Robots++ - buildable roombas for basic tasks
Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion - bionics and surgery, duh
Alpha Animals - adds a load of animals
Megafauna - adds big ass animals

Mostly nice-to-have:
Sparkling Worlds+Sparkling Worlds Events - late game buildables and some extra events
Turret Collection - more turrets
Facial Stuff 1.0 - more interesting faces
More Trait Slots
Mad Skills - tweaks for skill settings
SF Materials Rebalanced - changes some materials properties
Smart Speed - lets you override auto slowdown
Dubs Paint Shop - paint stuff
Room Food - colonists prefer to eat stuff already in the dining room
RimFridge - FRIDGES
Expanded Roofing - glass roofs! Greenhouses!
Locks - lock doors
Centralised Climate Control - HVAC
Less Rebuff - stop hitting on the same girl 15 times and getting sad, you ugly fuck
Psychology - can have a colony counselor
Quarry 1.0 - mine stone
[T] MoreFloors - more floors
ReplaceStuff - build over the top without having to deconstruct
Pawn Rules - more detailed food/drug policies
Children, school, and teaching - colonists have kids, skills are trainable
RIMKea - furniture
Glitter Tech - late game buildings and research
I would like to start playing rimworld.

What's the best course of action, any mods that make life a bit easier for a newbie.
I would play vanilla first. Then get a feel for what annoys you and what you like. Then take a look at the descriptions in my list above for things to improve your experience
There is a tutorial in game, that will teach you some vital concepts - how stockpiles work, how to set bills at crafting stations etc.

Your priorities, in order:
A stockpile for materials
Beds for colonists
A kitchen and larder
Hunting food
Cooling for summer and freezer
Heating and warm clothes for winter
Ta, I'm going in
Oh cowboy hats. As soon as you can make clothes, everyone gets cowboy hats. It's the rules.
I should also note it officially went 1.0 in December, so no longer early access.
It's a fucking brilliant game.

Once you've played, I dunno, once - make sure to choose Randy as the storyteller.

And actually complete the game unlike Craster the pussy.
Yuliya has spent the whole day working her arse off, mining metal, yet she is currently sleeping outside, as Richard is an idle fuck who hasn't finished building her bed yet.
You can make him do it by right clicking on the build site. Shift and right click will queue it rather than making it interrupt whatever he's doing.

You can queue up lots of things.
Grim... wrote:
It's a fucking brilliant game.

Once you've played, I dunno, once - make sure to choose Randy as the storyteller.

And actually complete the game unlike Craster the pussy.

I've completed it like five times. Aside from the mad attacks at the end that bit's boring.

Although there is a mod that then just crashes your ship again and you start again in the wreckage of your crashed ship :)
Cras wrote:
I've completed it like five times.

You never said!
Hey, I bet there's a speed run. I wonder what that is.
Also there's Real Ruins. Takes a snapshot of all its users' bases and uploads them centrally, then you can get in game events where you stumble on an old abandoned ruined colony from someone else's game.
Grim... wrote:
Cras wrote:
I've completed it like five times.

You never said!

I thought you meant in that specific run I posted about!
Grim... wrote:
Hey, I bet there's a speed run. I wonder what that is.


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