EDF EDF! confirmed for ps4
EDF 5 is confirmed, too.
Downloaded this EDF4.1 for cheaps the other day, I figured I couldn't really go wrong as it was around the same price point as a beer or two.

I loved EDF (I think it was EDF 2017) on the 360.

4.1 has a few new additions (different classes of soldier to play as) and an option to use the touch pad to start off the 'EDF' battle cry but other than that it seems to be pretty much just more of the same to my admittedly rather undiscerning eyes. Lighting probably won't strike twice here for me - after a few levels I don't feel particularly compelled to play any more.

Starting off the EDF cry is still fun tho :)
Yes i refrained from buying edf5 as well, after edf4.1 for cheaps, i did buy edf2017 for the vita, which is now the way i play it.. just a mice level on the train.. milling some bugs..
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