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 Post subject: Help a Brother Photographer out with the Third Floor Gallery
PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2014 15:39 
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"Hey guys, how's it going?" he said, with a note of slight suspicous awkwardness in his voice. The collective eyebrows of Beex knitted in a frown as they observed him moving slowly to the side to block the exit.

"You know what's the cool and down thing to do right now?" he added. "To help support the struggling art scene. Yes. A worthy thing. That will have intangible rewards. Or something. Now this group I'm with, the Third Floor Gal..."

He was immediately crushed by the stampede to the exit.

Hola guys and girls! I'm rattling a tin and poor mouthing in your general direction because I'm helping to raise money for the Third Floor Gallery, an exhibition space that has in the past hosted some tremendous photography, and if we raise enough brass hopefully will in the future. The current exhibition is on Crimea and Maidan Square, a body of photographs that will shift as the situation develops in the Ukraine. But we have plans for another four exhibitions this year, and for that we need money for paper, ink, pins, utilitiy bills, advertising, bribing, contract killings, etc. There's a target of £4,000 and we're a bit of the way there, but no where near yet.

So is there anyone here willing to dig into their pockets and flick some coins our way? There is a reward!

Those who contribute under their Beexname and PM me will have their names put into a hat. The winner will have a very nice print of their choice from any image on my website or my Flickr account that takes their fancy. And it'll be a nice, big, colourful print at that.

Try not to choose a photo of a drunken Myp, if you do.

You can view our story and donate here. You may find a certain Beex member's bald noggin in the video. #home"> ... llery#home

There's also the Third Floor Gallery website here at:

Thanks for reading. I appreciate that donating to this won't be of any earthly benefit to non-Cardiffians or photography obsessives, but I couldn't sleep at night not trying to spread the message over here too. We need the brass, we really do, and every little helps.

Ta guys! :hug:

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