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 Post subject: Rules for Awesome Island Series 2!
PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:36 
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You are in one of two teams.

You may post freely in the main game thread, or in your team subforum.

You may not discuss the game in any way except for in the appropriate subforum (ie. the Mafia one, or its children).

Tasks can be set at any time and may involve a variety of things.

More than one task may run at once.

Any player may post in the task threads, and it will be assumed that they are speaking for their team (ie. anyone can complete the tasks on behalf of their team), unless specified otherwise.

The judging criteria, if needed, will be specified along with the task.

Your overall objective is to stay on the island at all costs.

These rules may change at any time.

Changes from last time are that team captains are no longer immune to eviction from the island, but as they are the ones who choose which member to evict after losing a task, it seems unlikely.

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