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 Post subject: Galactica Scum Rules
PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:32 
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Cylons are bad.

There are very few named characters as I want to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

Cylon (1-10)
You are a mean old cylon. You want to kill all the humans on board the Galactica and steal the ship.

The cylons are Joans, Mali and Jazzy. You may communicate freely with them.

You also know that there is also a Cylon Spy on board, but you don't know who that is. What you do know about the spy is that they know who you are, and they want to help you win.

Each night, the cylon team can do one of four things:
- Kill someone (any Cylon can do this)
- Leave a message up to 150 characters long for the spy at a drop-point (any Cylon can do this)
- Hack the computers to lock someone in their room, preventing them from doing anything that would require them being outside it (only MaliA and Jazzy can do this)
- Snoop around and find out everything you can about another person (only Joans can do this)

The cylons win if they defeat all the humans. If a cylon is killed, 1/3 of this message will be revealed (with the names blanked out).

Hot Cylon (1):
You were a cylon tasked with infiltrating Caprica's security before the war. You fell in love with a human, and occasionally get visions of this human speaking to you. These will be sent to you by PM. You are paranoid about being shut down over this, and may not discuss it with your fellow cylons. You can discuss the contents of the vision, but only if you hide how you came across the information. For all you know, your fellow cylons have been told to be on the lookout for odd behavior...

Cylon Spy (1):
You infiltrated Galactica long ago.

You know the other cylons are (shh), but you cannot speak to them. They do not know who you are, but they know you exist. You want to help them kill all the humans.

Psycho soldier (1):
You are a soldier on board Galactica. You're also a fucking nutbar.

Each night, you must PM me the name of someone you want to kill with your giant stabby knife (you can't take a night off from being a psycho). If you fail to send a name before the night times out, a name will be chosen for you at random from all the players still in the game (including yourself). Nights will last for at least 24 hours though, so you'll never be in a hurry.

You basically want to kill everyone, and then fly Galactica into the sun.

Starbuck (1):
You are Starbuck, and you're not taking the cylon threat lying down (except for when you literally took the cylon threat lying down).

Each night, you can PM me the name of a person that you want to shoot in the face until they die.

Be warned! If you kill too many good people you might not appear so friendly if someone were to investigate you...

Curious soldier (1):
You're a soldier on board the Galactica, trying to work out who the cylons are, but you also work in the security room.

Each night, you can PM me the name of a player and sneak out of your room to review the security logs in secret, and see what you can find out about another person on board.

President (1):
You're the president of the colonies!

But other than that you're just a normal member of the Galactica crew, trying to find out who the cylons are.

(Not told to anyone - if the president is killed then a day of mourning will be held, and the following day will be skipped)

Commander Adama (1) :
You're Commander Adama! Your son, Lee Adama, is onboard the Galactica, and you can PM him freely.

Lee is played by Morte.

Lee Adama (1):
You're Lee Adama! Your dad, Commander Bill Adama, is played by Saturnalian. You can communicate with him freely.

You're also handy with the computers, and each night you can PM me the name of player and hack the computers to lock them in their room, preventing them from doing anything that would require them being outside it.

Soldier (0-16):
You're a soldier on board the Galactica, trying to work out who the cylons are.

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