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 Post subject: Lazyscum2 Rules
PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:42 
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Same rules as usual mafiascum. Play to your win condition etc...

Roles in play:
Character name: King Decisive of Chooselands
Description: Grovel before the regal King Decisive, he who knows his shit! Regale yourself with his tales of justice! Interest yourself with further tales of his majesty! Mutter an excuse under your breath and wander off, because he's not going to stop talking.
Night power (if any): King Decisive can use his special truth-o-vision to get one fact that someone posted in the previous day confirmed or denied by the GM. If the person posting doesn't actually know the answer (because they were lying, or something) then KD gets jack.

Character name: Robert
Description: Just looks like any normal person
Night power (if any): Random defense
If targeted take a list of all the night actions available in the current game and have a random action occur against the person who targeted them

Character name: Hollis Hampson
Description: Hollis worries a lot and is always late. Think of Hollis as the White Rabbit in Wonderland. Despite the neuroses, Hollis is a bright enough sort and will always try and make the right decision.

Character name: The Doctor
Description: renegade Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey
Night power (if any): can choose to protect someone overnight.

Character name: Psychic Steve
Description: Born with an incredible gift, Psychic Steve can read minds simply by thinking about that person. He's often considered applying for the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, but thinks it would be a churlish use of his power so ekes out a meagre living in this tiny village, providing travelling clairvoyancy services.
Night power (if any): Can read a person's mind and find out their allegiance - not just Good/Bad, but specifics. He can only read a person's mind once, though

Character name: Bin
Characteristics: You're a bin.
Night Power: If anyone discovers who you are then they can substitute their overnight power to pop inside amongst the garbage and hide out.

Character name: Mr Dave
Abilities: His analytical mind means that he can perceive patterns and movements in the nuances and movements of people; he can investigate any one person who has made more than 8 posts in a single day - this can occur at any time.

Character name: Bored political election fraudster
You are a bored political election fraudster without a current campaign to work on. In order to while away the time at work, you have created a way to trick the voting system for upcoming elections and are able to double vote on any and all lynches. You may cast a single vote, but it has the weight of two votes. If this is done, the moderator will only explicitly list the vote once, but it will count twice.

Character name: Princess Sparklebum
Description: The youngest daughter of the King of the pixie folk, Princess Sparklebum is a flying joy-machine bringing laughter, happiness, and rainbows to everyone she meets.
Night power (if any): Princess Sparklebum can shower a player with kittens and unicorns and thoughts of wonderous giggledust, leaving them unable to do anything in the night phase.

Character name: Tom Cruise
Description: Stuck in a closet with R Kelly. Not in a cult, Absolutely, completely, one hundred percent NOT in a cult. Don't even mention cults around him.
Night action (Public): During the night, he can go to a persons house if they're in and have a chat about things completely unrelated to cults.

Character name - Cedrick smythsonian
Abilities - none
History - former army chaplain. Struggles with concept of not being violent.

Character name: Alf
Role: Detective

More details will be revealed as people get killed (assuming there is a kill ability in the gameā€¦)

Future Warrior
Goddess Jasmine
Mr Dave

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