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 Post subject: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:48 
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I've been playing loads of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat single player since I bought it from a car boot sale for a quid.

The single player has just enough guts to it that it doesn't feel like multiplayer only (like Quake 3 for example).

The best thing about it, apart from the great graphics, responsive controls, awesome music and accurate and effective weapons is the Hotswap thing, which allows the player to instantly possess any friendly solider within line-of-sight, meaning you're never without the gun you want or the position you want as the AI controlled guys are always running around doing stuff with you. It even works when your guys are in control of vehicles. There's one neat level in BF2:MC where you have to defend an unarmed recon chopper as it scans several locations; on your side you've got several attack choppers and a whole bunch of assault and sniper guys on the ground to help you. You've got to figure out which of your guys have line of sight to the bad guys and zap around killing everything, while also making sure the recon chopper doesn't get into danger. It's very fun.

Apart from Driver: San Francisco, Rainbow Six, Geist, Dungeon Keeper and The Lost Vikings, does any other game have it? I can't tell if it's in any of the other Battlefield games or not. When I play other games, it feels weird going back to being stuck as just the one bloke and having to run from place to place like some kind of LOSER.


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